Suggestions for Perks


Why do Halloween and Christmas Perks are still available
What I suggest is that the Perks should be available for limited time and can’t not be used until the event arrives And every year perk should be different

Here are some ideas for new Perks
Cursed Soul - Increase the Power of weapons by 30% and increase the damage taken by 10%
Jack-o-Lantern Torso - Increase the Torso stats by 10 %
Devil’s Robe - Decrease the Damage Received by 40%

Mysterious Gift - Increase a random Stat by 50%
Christmas Hat - Increase cooling damage by 20%


I do get irritated of seen the pumpkin head all year when not Halloween.
And “NO” with perks boosting anything.


The huge mech perk, a gold one, a camo one, battle damaged or wheathered perk, all would be interesting…


Would love to see a battle hardened or experienced mech perk that puts damage dents and holes on your mech. Perhaps make cost 50-150 tokens? And only buy able on veteran’s day. Also, the holes should not be massive, should be half the size of a drone, and have multiple. Same size for the dents. Also make it only available to players level 30.


I get irritated too :unamused: