Suggestion(s) for a solution about the update SM reloaded!

Hi all !

I think it is time to move on, WE all have let out our anger about this new update, AND I am pretty sure the devs and people behind tactisoft got it, that somethng went wrong !

And I am also pretty sure tacticsoft dont want so much angry young, old, new, veteran players !

So here my suggestions for a solution about all that anger and “desaster” :

Tacticsoft did 1st great step (not finished yet) and banned a lot of cheaters.

  • 1st step

Please investigate now also ALL other top clans / top players (incl my clan and myself)
to be fair about all clans and all honest players !

  • 2nd step

Remove or reduce (that have to be a great reduce - I would suggest min. 75%) gold costs for boosting.
Because all players with so much items can NOT gain so much gold to boost them away !
mathematically not possibly … oh yes, possible with 10,000 tokens !
(but after step 3 you will understand that to force us to buy tokens to get rid of our items, FOR WHICH we already PAID a lot real money, is a NO GO !)

  • 3rd step

after so many players have SUPPORTED your game with a huge amount of real money the last 4 -5 years (otherwise you could not have done this update now) I would fairly suggest to give a “gift”, give ALL players who invested money AND so much time all over the years a “reward”.

Best 2 examples in my mind :

  • for every 10,000 XP an amount of gold or tokens
    OR /AND (with XP for the ones who “only” spent time)
    7% or 10% the amount again to every player from his BOUGHT tokens

This because ALL our effort / money / time into all FULL FUSED mythicals (we PAID for) we have/had is gone totally, this items are really 97% totally useless now !

That are my 3 suggestion to solve this situation, AND you would sure have again HAPPY players !

WHY all old weapons are useless (to use for battles) and why there is now a such a huge UNBALANCE is easy to explain :

If you would have increase the max damage of all (from old to new) about 10 % - 15%, all would be fine and the new items would have an advantage also, but with some skillz beatable SOMETIMES !

BUT you did increase all max damage between 100% and 350 (!!!) % !
Increasing a small unbalancing that much = a big unbalancing
(thats math how I learned it :wink: <- not bad meant, I LOVE math)


P.S.: feel free to add in this thread your suggestions for a solution !


Tome su like, me parece bien la propuesta

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My suggestions (I will probably add more later):

   0. Add color kits back …oh wait

  1. Give every pre-update players their darn level-up rewards! (Not just after level 30, but all of them!)

  2. Remove fusion costs! (I don’t know about transformation costs but since item transformations are rarer than fusions it’s not (that) bad…)

  3. Make old items usable in transformations - easier to get rid of pre-update items

  4. Give players who spent money in the game some refund (e.g. give back 5-15% of the tokens they have bought)

  5. Ban cheaters *cough* Shiro and such *cough*

  6. The campaign’s buildings must give you more credits (gold now but meh)! (Seriously, 50 credits/buildings destroyed? That’s NOTHING compared to the pre-update “loot”!)

  7. Nerf new items! *cough* >300 damage Death Punch and such *cough*


I think the height of the absurd is that to use the power kit in upgrade, you have to pay. That says how badly designed this update is.

Power kits can only be used for upgrade. You paid for them (you got them in paid boxes), and you have to pay again to use them. It’s absurd.


Yes, “having to pay twice” is one of the main reasons why I will always keep opposing fusion costs.

Transformation costs makes sense, since you will be paying to “upgrade a tier”.

Fusion costs? They have to go.


Not only that…!

You paid for your mythical and non-mythical items and now you may have hundreds (no one warned you all this time that hoarding items was not right).

Within 15 days, if you have not collected millions of coins to get rid of those old items, the inventory limit will make you unable to acquire the new items, so your game will be stuck, you will not even be able to pick up your legendary from the daily visit.

You paid for your items before and now you are forced to pay to get rid of them.


Honestly I think we should be able to convert our “legacy” items into special and strong items. Not too OP, balanced, but its stats are very good. So at least we can get something out of the stuff we farmed during the pre-update and the time, money, effort we’ve poured into the game. But whatever, as long as we can make use of them, I’m good!

Here are some more things that I’ll add which I think is needed:

  • Balanced Matchmaker
    ~ As I’ve observed, I am facing opponents with about 2000 hp+ and each weapons doing a minimum damage of 200. I only have a mech with about 1000 hp and an average of 50-150 damage. (150 max). Assuming that the opponents I’ve faced that have obliterated me in 3 turns uses a mech that has everything transformed into a mythical item. So this is where the suggestion comes in: Players will face players prior to what tier their items are.
    Example: The majority of items used are epic items. You’ll most likely face players in the same tier of weaponry as well.

  • Increase rewards for leveling up
    ~ It’s sad to think that you’re like level 70+ and didn’t get the pre-level rewards. (Especially to Reiko’s situation). Though if you think of it, the rewards themselves aren’t worth it. As far as I can remember, someone leveled up to level 90 and only received 2 tokens (!!!). It’s all simple. If we cannot get the pre-level up rewards, we should receive about 2-3 premium boxes. Now the new post-level up rewards will be increased as you level up higher (Well duh!)

Here is what I’ve thought of:
Levels 1-10: 2 tokens, 2 mix boxes, 5000 gold
Levels 10-30: 5 tokens, 1 Silver Box, 3 Mix Boxes, 1 Power Kit, 30000 gold
Levels 30-60: 10 tokens, 3 silver boxes, 1 Mix Box, 2 Power Kits, 40000 gold
Levels 60-70: 11 tokens, 3 Silver Boxes, 1 Mix Box, 3 Power Kits, 60000 gold
Levels 70-100: 15 tokens, 1 Premium Box (modified, less chance to get Epic/legendary items), 1 Power Kit, 100000 gold
Levels 100-130: 20 tokens, 1Premium Box (modified, but higher chance to get epic/legendary items compared to rewards from levels 70-100), 5 power kits, 120000 gold
Levels 130-140: 30 tokens, 3 premium boxes (modified, same as levels 100-130 premium boxes), 10 power kits, 150000 gold
Levels 140-149: 40 tokens, 2 normal premium boxes, 10 power ktis (15 for reaching 149), 200000 gold
Level 150: 50 tokens, 2 normal premium boxes, 1 special box that will yield 2 legendary and 1 mythical tier items, 250000 gold, 20 power kits.

If you think I might have gone too far about the rewards, here’s a reference of how loong it would take to reach level 150.

Level 73 and 3.6 million xp. So that’s still 77 levels to go. :wink:

Don’t mind my brokenness.


el costo de fusión no se puede quitar, porque si no todos volverían usar el bug de upgrade, el costo es lo que impide puedan abusar del oro y del bug de upgrade.
< lo que pueden hacer es reducir el costo para que los nuevos puedan avanzar, lo que actualmente es casi literal imposible sin tokens para conseguir oro, si fuese por competir claro esta

Hi, this is off topic but I want to thank you for being top 2


También creo olvidamos, que el update tenia 5 objetivos son evidentes
1.- Eliminar a los multicuentas = lo que provoca el robo de cuentas
2.- Eliminar el bug del upgrade con el costo de fusión
3.- Inutilizar todas las cuentas que kigblinc vendió o los rusos vendieron
4.- Inutilizar todas las cuentas usarón el bug del upgrade = nos jodemos todos por unos cuantos
5.- Lo del inventario es una forma de controlar el exceso de items no hay forma saber si fue bug o hack
< Lo que veo mal en el update, es la falta de un sistema de compensación para los que han comprado y dedicado años en SM, ya que uno puede sentirse estafado, lo cual es totalmente comprensible


madao is not cheating, but he got banned farewell Madao (Shiro Shinagami) :cry:

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That was already unfair in the previous system and now the inequality has multiplied.

Like any organized competition, it´s logical to have weekly tournaments by category.

I don´t know the reason why they haven´t. If it is a game that is mediocre and poor or because what they want is to encourage people to buy more and more.

But the truth is that it is not at all nice to ask for battle and you get one of those monsters with 2000 HP and 300 energy and heat. In the end the rest of the players (that we are the majority), we became “players of filler”.

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Google translate says :
Also I think we forgot, that the update had 5 goals are evident
1.- Eliminate multicuentas = what causes the theft of accounts
2.- Eliminate the upgrade bug with the merge cost
3.- Disable all the accounts that kigblinc sold or the Russians sold
4.- Unusable all accounts used the upgrade bug = ■■■■ all by a few
5.- The inventory is a way to control the excess of items there is no way to know if it was a bug or hack
< What I see wrong in the update, is the lack of a compensation system for those who have bought and dedicated years in SM, since one can feel cheated, which is completely understandable


I didn’t know there was alot of hacking like that .

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At this point they are going to have to do something. The question is how fast ?

If the fix takes a extended amount of time and programing the game will lose traction and die.

At the end of the day all of the people on this board care and enjoy playing the game and want to see the game do well.

In my opinion the situation can not get much more dire. Speed is the key. This should have been resolved much sooner then now. Every day the game is losing current players and the potential to expand its player base.

All and all I think the community is ok with the new items , The major issue is the upgrading gold cost and reimbursement for the items we have spent time and money to acquire.

I think if you let people upgrade for free for a week & gave us all the tokens we have donated for in the past to spend again everyone would be happy.

Now I also get Tactic soft has invested time and money into developing the new game and needs to recuperate lost funds.

So in some way Tactisoft needs to sale something. It is just business nothing personal .

So my question to the S.M. Community is ? What is it we would want to spend money on if they gave us all the tokens we used in the past and we did not need to get gold to upgrade ?

Ever suggestion I have read has worked for us the player. I truly believe that a deal is only a good deal if it works and benefits all parties .

Any Suggestions.

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Thats why I suggested 7% - max 10% from the tokens we spent.


Only Gold coins depending from your XP.

1st would compensate the money lost (all bought itmes from last 4 years are garbage now) and would gave the spenders a deserved help.

2nd would compensate the time lost (all items which you worked for hard the last 4 years are garbage now) and would gave the ones who spent so much time into this game a deserved help.

Both should be of course NEVER as big, that you can just get what you want.


Both should be of course SO big, that you have a NORMAL start with the new update SM-reloaded.

Means :

  • not be worried that 2000 (or even more, I had 3460) itmes you worked for hard (or paid) are away in a few days - with NO use

  • being able to START the new update at least that way, that you have 1 normal - good mech !!!

  • being able to boosting new items at least for a good amount of %, that you dont lose 70 or 80%

JUST to give ALL players a well deserved S T A R T into :


But like it is now, ALL will stuck sooner or later.
OR you have to buy 20,000 tokens to be able to continue normal !

Thats all thought, not thinking about the ones who cheats or exploid bugs.

Because :
I spent the rest of my tokens from old version, 17,000 tokens, and I am still NOT able to build a second competitive mech !

that alone should give the devs AND ALL players to think !



I think there is a price for fuse items because now its very more simple and faster for fuse ! But the price for fuse need to be nerfed because its too much.


No, there really should NOT be a price for fusing.

  1. You are already using coins as a method to obtain items that can be used for fusion. Why should you pay again to fuse them away?
  2. Transformation costs are already very expensive, ESPECIALLY when you think about what it takes to get a single Mythical item. (100k coins + 5 (!) Legendary items. You can’t get these from non-premium boxes, which means you have to fuse and transform to get even 1 Legendary. See point 1.)
  3. The need to adapt to the metagame means you will end up fusing your current items to another item, should you feel that other item is better.
  4. Power drain. Fusing your maxed (or highly powered) item into a new item won’t transfer over much of the power already invested in that item.

I think I will add this to my topic.


Do something anything. This is not fun.


Since the old “cheat” still works in the new version - and as ALL top-players noticed, so so so so many players have now best gear ALREADY (it was supposed to need weeks / months to build best mechs) …

HOW tacticsoft will handle that NOW ???

  • all our old stuff (we paid for) is now nothing worth
  • the advantage we HAD through saving millions of SM coins is GONE
  • the advantage we HAD through the thousands of items we safed is GONE