[Suggestion] Premium Account Bonuses and Pricing

Hello, I’m Padexe

Changes to Pricing

A month of Premium currently costs around $25 (If you’re buying on Kongregate).

With the current benefits that is not a fair price.

Suggested Pricing

8 Hours
Fine how it is.

1 Day
Should be removed as a package. My guess is that it is no where near as popular as the 8 Hour package, and since the timer counts down even when you’re offline, I don’t think many players see it as worth the tokens.

3 Days
Should be changed to 100 Tokens, grinding the tokens to afford this would take 20 campaign missions (excluding daily reward)

7 Days
Should be changed to 200 Tokens.

30 Days
Should be changed to 600 Tokens

Lower prices will allow more players to afford it, and will sell more Premium Accounts.

Improvements to Premium

Bonus EXP and Gold for PvP and Campaign

  • Campaign would only get a 20% boost.

Gold Name and special emblem in PvP

Free Premium Mech Paint (Maybe a Gold and Crimson pattern)

Bonus Daily Boxes

  • Instead of two you would get four. Or a shorter timer in between getting them.

Custom Mech Dances

  • The animation for SuperMechs is fairly simple due to the 2D aspects of the game. Custom dances could be added to boxes, and they could get funnier as the rarity goes up. You could do these to taunt your opponent during PvP while they take their turn.

It’s okay your topic I like, but what does not fit me is the cost … More P2P? keeping the cost of tokens would be better, plus it is Premium with very few accessories. It is not something that one has to buy bound because it is the best thing in the world … 8 hours, okay.
1 day 40 T
3 days 80 T
7 days 150 T
30 days 400 T
So more or less, do not exaggerate friend is very difficult to get dollars (Unless you live in the US, here in Venezuela it is IMPOSSIBLE to get money)


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