[Suggestion] Improvements to Clans

Hello, I’m Padexe.

I have always loved being in clans on competitive games, it adds to the gameplay and even opens a whole new world.

But in Super Mechs, it seems to be lacking certain aspects that really make being in a clan worthwhile. But, I have a few suggestions to improve this.

Clan Wars

Clans will be able to request a clan war with another clan in their tier.

Tiers? What are you on about Pad?

In order to prevent CW (Clan Wars) farming, clans will be based in tiers that decide who they can fight.

Tier I
This clan is new, with only a few members, and very few wins in PvP. They can only start Clan Wars with other clans in Tier I. (At least 5 Members, with a total of 100 PvP Wins)

  • Requirements to participate in Clan Wars
    At least 5 Members, at least 100 Wins in PvP
  • Requirements for a victory in Tier I CW:
    50 Wins against enemy Mechs
  • Rewards for victory in Tier I CW:
    20,000 Gold for Participating Clan Members, 1 Premium Box

Tier II
This clan is fairly experienced, with seasoned PvP players. They can only start Clan Wars with other Tier II clans. (At least 20 Members, More than 1,000 PvP Wins)

  • Requirements for victory in Tier II CW:
    200 Wins against enemy Mechs
  • Rewards for victory in Tier II CW:
    50,000 gold for Participating Clan Members, 3 Premium Boxes

How Clan wars would be Fought
In the PvP screen there would be an option to do a CW PvP match and then you would be matched with an enemy clan member.

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This is interesting.

Clans have not been used much in the game, aside from a sort of chat room, aside from the competitive clans that aim for the weekly tournaments.

Clan tiers can also be earned thru “clan experience” which could be earned through these clan wars.

We can also add in some kind of passive reward for being in a high-tier clan… I don’t know exactly what at the moment, though.

I have also been pushing for a way to pass clan leadership to other members. As things stand now, when the leader jumps ship, the clan is leaderless and no one else can recruit or take the leader position. Because of this, clans are created and destroyed at the drop of a hat.

Clan experience is a really good idea.

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premium boxes as rewards?
i don’t think thats gonna happen…
maybe silver boxies

But how do you decide a winner?