Suggestion for the new feature Raids

As far as I have seen in the raids the physical mech users are completely disadvantaged.
There is no way for a physical mech to complete the later raids perfectly.

Therefore I would suggest a separation in the raids into 4 different competitions.
One for energy focused mechs, one for heat focused mechs, one for physical focused mechs and one for mixed mechs.

The raids would still be the same for everyone but in the raid menu there would be 4 differently framed raids displayed - one for each type + one for mixed types.
Then players could choose which one to take and in those raids only weapons and legs of that type would be allowed to be used.
E.g. in the physical challenge you can only equip physical weapons, drones, hooks and legs. If your mech has a different type of equipment than the challenge allows you cannot start it.

Start edit:
To point it out: Type restriction would only apply to weapons, drones, hooks and legs!
Torsos, modules, charge engine and teleporter would not be affected.
:edit end.

Also every player could only participate in the mixed type challenge and one of the specialized type challenges.
The other two specialized challenges would be locked when choosing the first raid of a specialzed raid.

With this separation into 4 types of raids the physical mech users would also have chances to win as they could compete with other physical mechs only.

And the mixed typed raid would still allow a global competition amongst all players.

So do you think this idea would be viable or have arguments against it?


The server will be recharged and even if it were not, they would have to think too much …


Im going to say its a bad idea. Especially since literally all of my mech is heat except for my legendary iron boots, and I have no other legs.
And some torsos are in between, like the Windigo.

Windigo is a heat torso, we don’t have such thing as hybrid items.

Yea, but windigo is very versatile, can be used for other types

As many other torso, but still it isn’t a hybrid one. I’m just clarifying that.

I even use windigo for my phys mech

I dont think that the devs will analyse every players’ mech to give them to right raid… Its just a waste of time

I meant legs, drones, hook and weapons must be of the specific type because you can use those to attack.
Anything else like Torso, modules, charge and teleporter are free to use.
Teleporter and charge can “attack” but not really so much that it would be of any concern.

Also the mixed type challenge would still remain for everyone.
So I do not see what disadvantage you would have.
Can you explain in detail, please?

Well, the server must somehow save the setup of your mech anyway.
Otherwise how would it know what equipment at what level those have when you enter battle.
All they would have to add would be a control there if the weapons legs, drone and hook are of the same type and then which type it is.

Then when you try to start a mission the server would see that marker in the saved mech data saying “physical”, “energy”, “heat” or “mixed type” and would accordingly allow or deny access to the specific raid.

It would not check your mech completely cause that is done anyway when you access and leave the workshop to save the data of your changed mech.

Interesting idea, but honestly I don’t think it would work that well. Torsos like Zarkares, Brutality and Wendigo are used across all three types quite frequently; and then there’s things like teleport and charge, which everyone uses regardless of type. The current raid setup definitely isn’t perfect, since its nearly impossible to get a perfect score; however, its not such a big deal (as far as I’m concerned), as I didn’t get anything like a perfect score and I’m still in line for 150 tokens. Pretty decent, if I say so myself.

20 charecters is the bane of all existence

Well, that is why I restricted the type specification to hooks, weapons, legs, drones and weapons.
After all Torsos cannot attack and teleporter as well as charge moduls only exist as energy / physical type.

Same opinion for me too, too lazy to type everything all over again

Why does windigo have a yellow glass?

To troll people who don’t like yellow. Clearly.

Its really annoying!

Because they designed it this way, but if you look at the background of the miniature it’s just red like every other heat torso.

One question, how do you log on to bmmdev.
I had an account on it and it stopped working

I definitely agree w/ your idea.
The tier 6 is certainly NOT meant for any mech that uses MIXED weaponry or builds!
I don’t know HOW many H/P you would need t beat ALL the mechs tossed at you on that level.
Sure does not seem all that “competitive” for regular players like us.
And when it stops being fun, it becomes TEDIOUS.

Tier 6 can’t be beaten perfect with Reloaded only items, unless you have some rare legacy things like repair drone, a myth phis or regular protector and 45-50% shield( this is an assumtion of mine that the repair drone will repair you of your missing hp, and not count as dmg taken during raid, did not test it since i am missing the protector and repair drone). I did test it with the shield, and all enemies strike less then 50 dmg on you, so with protector( 59 the myth phis one) and repair drone, you could in theory make a perfect raid.
Math contradicts it , since you cant shutdown the mechs in one turn, and even drained they still hook and shotgun you.