Suggestion For More PvE Content Including Clan or Team PvE

Okay so while playing Super Mechs I did come across a thought. Since right now the only means of building gold, and tokens would be through Campaign, accomplishing Dailies, and finally Arena Battles.

If Arena Battles can be 1v1 or 2v2, or maybe 3v3 per say.

Why not have PvE campaigns and maybe dailies or even events for clans?

This would promote better interaction between clans maybe through PvE events for clans competitive PvE events that could help the clans get noticed and also grow. It would also help in creating a competitive rivalry between clans for rewards, ranks, and maybe even bragging rights as well.

To me this would be a great addition for Super Mechs provide something that maybe allow players to come together more and promote more activity in clans.


Cool idea :slight_smile:

Thank you so much man. Greatly appreciated. ^.^

Clans is useless, but events is a good idea for clans, more activity and more fun :smiley:

Well again idea suggestion, but if it is something those favor. Maybe it might get noticed and considered. Again, just an idea.

If this is idea, this is a good idea. Hope Tacticsoft add this to Supermechs.

Good ideea, altho it might requier some dev work on it.
It could be made easier if… hmm i saw this somewhere else…
A huge hp boss would be made, and members of the clan took turn at choping down his hp.
Like only members of that clan, and they would use energy like regular campaign mission, and fight till they get destroyed… over and over again… till they get the boss.
And the rewards would be shared amongst the clan memebers.
Possible example of Uber-ultra-mega-Boss :
1.000.000 hp, with hard hitting wepons( 300-400 dmg). High cooling and high regen( so that he can at least fire one wepon/turn).
Or either make like a BB chalange, but for the clan… like kill BB 1500 times in 12h.And all BB killed by clansmates are added towards that limit of 1500.


Yes, something like they do in infinity blade could also be a challenge for all the players collectively.



I agree El_Metre

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