Suggestion- Combined Shot

SM name: TheProtector
Type of change: New Finisher
Desc. of change: The mech braces itself, charges its ranged weapons, and fires. Destroying the downed mech while suffering large amounts of recoil. (IF POSSIBLE) Projectile generated has a different appearance based on the type AND abundence of the different forms of damage. PHYS dmg be a laser. EXP dmg = fire. ELE dmg = lightning. Weapons that use bullets for ammo will fire bullets in the attack. Same thing for rockets.
Resources req.: A bit of animation rework and coding in general.
I think this would be AWESOME should it be done right. Especially since everyone’s familiar with the current finishers, so a new one would be awesome.


so, you take down enemy HP to zero… and then obliterate him with everything you’ve got?

I like it!

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