[Suggestion] Campaign Loot Boxes

Hello, I’m Padexe.

Collecting and opening all of the gold boxes at the end of campaigns needs to change. Instead of just collecting all of the boxes and opening them, a GUI should pop up when you defeat the boss (just like in PvP) displaying the amount of coins and exp you earned from the mission. Once you close the GUI, the next will pop up prompting you to open the mix box.

I know a lot of people agree this feature is kind of pointless and doesn’t really add to the gameplay, it just becomes a long winded task at the end of every mission that is always the same thing.

+150 EXP, +175 COINS, OH LOOK, +150 EXP

If not taking out the boxes, at least make it a little more interesting by adding a slight chance to win 1-3 tokens from a box, or a small common item.

Thanks for reading.