Suggestion/Appeal: More "brain" for Auto-Pilot

Please TacticSoft increase the intellect of the auto-pilot!

Two examples:

The enemy is 3 spaces away, I have equipped 1 myth lv.50 (max.) Corrupt Light, 1 legendary lv. 40 Corrupt Light and 1 Repulsor.

What would any player do?
–> Use myth Corrupt Light followed by legendary Corrupt Light
==> Target: To overheat or even shutdown the enemy.

What does Auto-Pilot do?
–> Use legendary Corrupt Light followed by Repulsor.
==> Target, reason? No idea? WHY?!?!

Equipped the same way as before. The enemy is 3 spaces away again, but this time the enemy also stands in the corner (not just 1 space away from the corner but in the outermost space possible).

What do you think does the Auto-Pilot fire in a sítuation where the enemy cannot be sent back any further?
–> Right! The Auto-Pilot fires REPULSOR!!!

For such meaningless actions being repeatedly done by the Auto-Pilot I suggest / appeal to TacticSoft to PLEASE increase the intellect of the Auto-Pilot.

the player doth protest too much. the autopilot is meant as a brainless tool to farm easy shit like Ramboy so you don’t have to, since it is so easy. It’s not meant to play all your challenging missions for you.


I’m only using it for Ramboy.
But still when I see it using the weapons in such an illogical (stpd) way I just can’t bear to keep silent.

Solution: Just collect rewards

It’s called stop being lazy and play without needing everything to be done for you automatically.

OR maybe convince TS to just have an auto kill button where it kills everything on the map 1 shot so you don’t waste more than 2 seconds… after all the extra second is important not to waste…

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Just uneqip the repulsor, the Auto pilot prefers Weapons with push back. more than others,

Idk about the legendary weapon, sometimes for me too it shoots the legendary night fall instead of the myth one