Sudden fall ?! BD & SM Both

I been back to BD recently around may-june and frequently keep checking SM time to time , while BD wasnt as good as it used to be in 2013-14 , it was still not as Bad as when i left the game , and for SM same thing it didnt show u like 2500 people online like back in the days , but still 900-1000 u can find a few times a day.

BUT recently after the SM update i have found BD population has dropped very badly , like in july august if i logged in any time of the day i mostly around 200 people online but now i found just 90 people online and even 25 people at some point.

and for SM althought the population rised a lot in starting days of upgrade , around 1500 people i saw online and even server crash , but now i login and find only 200-300 people online.

What went wrong???

I love these restarting aspect of tactisoft games that even if u return after 2 years u dont feel like u have fallen a lot behind , so as a loyal and concerned player i am just concerned with this player drop. :frowning:

After new sm update many ppl left. i personally dont play sm anymore bcz it take lot of time 24x7 to updagrade even one item. They made sm tough and unappealing to new player. Cant even buy boxes price multiply. Campaign bot is more powerfull. Wont find opponent in game. Get same opponent again n again. Supermechs playing with us. We are not.

Don’t listen to any of the numbers it tells you…
For SM its now split into a few servers but if you look at a 3rd pary site like app brain you can see that its doing just fine:

300,000 recent installs which i think just looks at the past month or so and you can see its in the top 100 action grossing for the USA so overall pretty good. And this doesn’t include online or IOS players.

For BD the clock is reset every tick that passes (on any server). Therefore you won’t really get to see the true numbers of people online as it resets every 10/20 min. Also during the holiday season people stay logged on for much longer increasing the online number while they log around things now making the number appear lower. As far as i know 2016 was still the low point for BD and its been slowly increasing ever since thanks to the work of @Alexander.

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I’d like to add to this Summer are actually our lowest ‘real’ numbers, they just appear inflated due kids who don’t log off. :stuck_out_tongue:

That said BD did take a hit, the major browsers not properly displaying BD for long periods of time (why I heavily recommend smallers browsers like Vivaldi right now…) and of course hitting our affiliates (our users are loyal <3, imagine how the game portals are doing …), followed by almost a week of down time really hit us in the face…

Even worse, they did it in august-september for a large part, which is the most important period for us (kids go back to school, and we try to get the adults to please come play with us again…)… Painful!

That said the good news is we have already recovered a huge amount of users from that, and it would appear we’re already back above our low point and getting right back in the saddle.

We’ll be doing some things to increase that even further. :slight_smile:

Super Mechs I cannot speak on too much, but keep in mind players nowadays get divided among servers in SM and the “lobby” is a lot less accurate a user count than it used to be. It’s safe to say the featuring on Google/Apple at once probably broke them a record number of users again. That sort of stuff is a big deal that many would be very jealous on (and are, at conventions).

So overall I wouldn’t be worried at all.


Is it a coincidence that when i left, all this stuff started happening? Warlight died as soon as i quit. Same with Spartan Wars, as soon as i stepped down from moderating, ppl lost interest in playing. Admit it. You all need me and I’m important.


Please don’t leave us again Kaen <3


I play SM before but its too kid/uncool to play but it’s fine. When the SM update the BD players really drop down so bad to say but I think we need to have a cool and very nice update and features in BD too before we reach 2018. Maybe we can get back the players or add more players from the game and make it more fun and cool.