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ummmm why does this matter?


No frick PewDiePie and T-Series.
They both suck in my opinion.


Second topic about this in one week. Saw more in past tho.


I honestly have no idea what T-Series do, What type of videos?


I might have seen a video on a umm… Adult orientated website where a young lady removed her top to get your attention then told you to subscribe to pewdepie.



Tvseries is Bollywood death


Yes yes!!! Everyone subscribe to… T series.

subscribe to my channel


Indian music company featuring singers from all parts of india and neighboring countries. If they come across a promising singer/composer/writer they can give them a bigger platform to show their talent and bring it to more than 1 billion people , makes good amount of money from those singers before they go big cause u know even if u have a good voice u are basically noone before they give u a platform.

Some of T Series Work


LOL promising singer bigger platform? lmao BTW I unsubscribed from pewdiepie hes so annoying.


Huh…T-Series has overtaken Pewdiepie


Just checked myself…


ok…False Alarm…

I don’t know which one to believe…

the one from the Channel Page or from the Search page…

I’m going to trust the Channel page…


Its over mate



Still alive


No, it’s not. If you look up “PewDiePie Vs. T-Series” you will see many live streams and they will tell you live how many subs PewDiePie is ahead btw he is


Check the 24/7 Livestreams they will tell you exactly what the subgap is.


What leero is trying to say is that PewDiePie’s streak of 5-6 years of being #1 is broken.


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