SUB for PewDiePie , he need to win


He need to win this battle, I don’t care what will happen to me
Sub For him use this link


I am from India


I don’t care you can sub for both!!!
If pewdiepie don’t win youtube may be destroyed


Lol i didn’t subscribe anyone


Well click in this link and sub for him

He need to win !!!


Lol calm down




T-Series T-Series T-Series T-Series


I’m subbed on 2 accounts.


Subscribed to T-Series.

T-Series for the win.:kissing_heart:




Btw why is your username lordcurzon?
If I remember correct that guy was responsible for partition of Bengal.


Yeah, you right…


Bit-ch Lasagna , T-series ain’t nothing but a Bit-ch lasagna , so who the hell is bob , and why you wanna kiss em EW , Lol


wow buddy first off take a deep breath and calm down, second youtube will not be destroyed, third calm down.


Who’s PewDiePie


some random memer


Nono …

better to subcribe to …


… YouTube channel :exclamation::exclamation::exclamation:




i already did.
if you want proof i can give it to you.


PewDiePie makes shitty content, but I still want him to win anyway since him losing symbolizes the complete take over of youtube by corporations, and the end of private uploaders being the main source.