Sub Alliance for Good Teams


any nubs wanna play with me in subs?
wanna get players who want to play with good mains who will ultimately help us reach top 3
ping me if anybody interested…
nubs, pros are also fine
in sub play, less pressure on us… no sleepless nights… u can play a relaxed game but a good non-nub game
also no need to boost…
my skype: theonlyxyz
i was old time mentor who got inactive.


Yes pls.


Hi Xyz, you can be my sub again please babe


this time it will be different.

i hope to have a team of killers; not solo like last time…



the great Psi says yes.




just a reminder to all that i’m a legend


O legendary sub leader, I would be honored to sit and build Armour troops beside u whole Era and earn free blues.



if u feel like murdering some one, let me know.

will let your steam out with me…



My fucking sides that I see xyz not only still plays this game but still only (knows?) that he belongs in subs.

Dude gets off on being abused and degraded. I wish I was joking.

HAHAHAHA age =/= knowledge my man. You got carried by the corgies the only times you ever won anything and even they (the nicest and weirdest people ever) hated you.


That’s really strong…Xyz is a character most definitely. Not sure why you would hate him for it.


You would have similar feelings if you’d had the same experiences dear Gaurav


1st of all, thanks to sakrie and alfie for visiting. so good you could inform everybody about my noobiness. if i had mentioned it, they wouldn’t have believed me.

let’s get some things clear then:

  1. all my boosting rounds, i have won with my team
  2. corgis were my 2nd team i won with
  3. i won with 4 teams - the first F4 HORD, M1 corgis, then M1 lamp team with you and alfie, then M1 FLUX team.

sure, there are some people who “hate” me but u fail to name them. if u do, i’ll tell u why they hate me.

and yes, i do get hate from people who play for themselves and forget their team.

as to why u and alfie “hate” me, it is sufficient for me to say, you are both self-professed trolls.

in this game, backstabbers have friends. i’m sure i can find a few friends when i don’t ever backstab, at least until date.

as to why i want to lead subs… i believe in winning my rounds… i been off BD for a long time… i want to establish contacts with good players, not nubs who feel the world owes them everything… once i have a good set of players, i don’t see why i can’t be in a main or even lead one…

just fyi, i’m already leading a sub team and i think my main can attest to what a great sub they have.

and… ever since i put that post up, i already have 7 people in a chat who are fine to go with me for an eventual winning round… and who are gems of players… even if a few are inexperienced… but with whom i’d actually enjoy doing a round with… cuz they know how to manage their business…


Yikes, these are what he is bragging about? That says quite a lot xD

  1. Mate you admit you need to boost to win
  2. Corgies adopted you because lamp put in a good word, you basically spit on that during your era with them. It doesn’t matter you won, you weren’t invited back ever again.
  3. lmao HORD, okay 5 subs so hard to win on a Mars era with 5 subs backing you. The era with Lamp and Alfi and I you literally tore apart our friendships because you wanted medals so once again you are just a leech on a good team. I admit I know nothing of the FLUX era you mentioned last.

Not my job or place, but based on how little sway you have I think it speaks for itself on this comment.

Ehhhhh I don’t disagree I’m a troll but I speak the truth. Not my place to bring others into this; I think based on how you made this post looking for attention from senpai(s) it speaks for itself.

Glurph glurpgh glurpgh, can’t understand you through the sounds of your servitude towards daddy here

ooooo AGE has had subs before, I’m glad to see them back in power

@Gaurav, come on G, you know me. I won’t call somebody out unless they are a true fool. I have an image to uphold.

So yeaaaaaaaaaa, my word against yours here, alphabet-man. What have you ever done of note, xyz?


ok, G has noted. he shouldn’t play with me. i’ll remind him as well for your benefit.

as for M1, keep running for the crystals while i hold the front for you… u and alfie were great…

other things u mentioned… just the usual troll bla bla bla… not important…

cheers, enjoy ur life…


So thats why ANTRAX never joins this forum.


does your reply improve the conversation in some way