Style Not OPness


the supermechs maker keep making OP weapons ulike before when it was unique weapons and because of op weapons everyone has same mechs in top ranks and there is no variety dont make new powerfull weapons but more creative weapons i know this is harder but i promise itl make the game better


Here’s the thing, if a an item tries hard to be unique ( or creative as you say ) they either become useless or overpowered. Like for an example, these things…

They are for sure unique but are they unique to be used? No, of course not. So I hope instead of creating more mythicals to introduce, I would like for them to nerf those ridiculous items.


Good point but maybe we could make new mythicals now that supermechs has more ideas from forum from the past 6 months than ever


No item and useless each guns serves for anything yet to be creative of the damage it takes away a little refreshing