Stunned Gun = Stun weapons

How much weight does it cost?

Hmm… Good question… I forgot about that…Hmm… maybe 50, or 40…

Nah that would be way too OP

Make it heavier, at least 70kg.

That is fine… I was just throwing out numbers

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rip all classic 3 weapon phs mechs ngl

You can actually try that concept in the old minigame :slight_smile:

heat will suffer so much :frowning:

Now imagine. Build with 4 of this weps. Now your opponent can use only 2-1 wep + drone.

Does it already stunned

I vouch for 55 kgs.

EMP is 70 kgs and renders you inoperable.Highly unfair weapon when used against heats and phys especially.
UPC weights only 42 and look at it.

Trust me,70 kgs is too much for just one weapon.

if you want tactisoft to hear your ideas you need to post a png with the shape of the weapon

Hold up, how are you able to even make an image for your weapon/drone concepts?

If it’s that light, at least make it cost something, otherwise some builds like the classic 3 weapon phys, scope builds, and any other mech that really depends on 1 weapon will become obselete.

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Well,you do have a point.

But again,I wasn’t discussing the whole stats,just the weight.And I don’t think triple-weilding will be a problem,since they’ll need something to attack with,as well.And they may not be able to create a playable build with 2 top weapons that have no real range combos or synergy without a sidearm.

Fun thing:Such weapons on opponents may cancel each other.

This actually would balance out. You have a stun gun that will deactivate an opponents weapon for the whole match. So imagine a double frantic or a carnage, you can stun one for the entire match. This gives you a little hope. That is if you use one. I actually think that it have to weigh 65 or more. If you use two, with a light weight of 50, gives you the upper hand. You can stun HB or emp.

Stun guns will force you to have 5 or 6 weapons because of stun gun abuse (quad stun guns)
So op

A normal battle but both mechs have tasers:

Mech 1: I gotz teh tezah

Mech 2: disables Mech 1’s taser

Mech 1: Youz regerts taht! disables Mech 2’s taser with 2nd taser

Mech 2: disables Mech 1’s 2nd taser with a 2nd taser

This goes on until Mech 1 is the only one with a taser but both mechs only have 4 tasers with no drone or other weapons, so Mech 1 simply shoots Mech 2’s torso, triggering spontaneous combustion because the match would go on forever if the two mechs didn’t use stomp.

Yeah… This seems totally legit and has no backfiring potholes whatsoever.

Fun Fact: Tasers are not meant for lethal takedowns, which applies for both humans and mechs.

Is this what you were saying, Lake?

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There is a working implementation of a mechanic like this in the old minigame:

yeah, but you shoot the part for a chance for it to be disabled for a damage penalty