Stuck problem solved ?, Thx for @Sarah247

Hi, any one have this problem?
cant enter clan, campain (from PC) … just stuck on this screen

Ps: Cache cleaned. :thinking:


Yup having the same issue as well.

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yes, me too I see only this. TS = f…k you players




to me the same:

login is possible, but
with closing the “news - arena madness” you are stuck. :zzz:
main menue is not available!

this happens on pc edit: and on mobile.
(version 7403/7600. like said before clearing cache doesn’t help.)


The same thing goes for me.

I got this bug today, when at 11:36 I tried to pass the raid. I know that the raid and arena are being updated at about 11:37, but I was hoping to pass it.
At 11:37 the game freezed, then something was updated, and I was thrown out of the raid in the lobby.
But the raid still remained second level, although I already passed it yesterday.

Okay, the raid did not work.
Then I decided to try to defeat the Titan.
But the battle counter showed 0/3. I clicked on the “battle” button, and … I saw the “supermechs” screen.
I can enter the game, but as soon as I close the news, the “supermechs” screen opens again, the loading of which is useless to wait.
I can only enter the Arena.


P.S. On PC and on mobile version too.

@Sarah247 or @jonny
can you look into this issue?
thank you!

Yup, every member in my second clan that I’ve spoken to today has this problem. It’s messed up. The main thing that a lot of the members on forums ask for is bug fixes. Just a little confused why nothing has changed yet :confused:

so sad … 6 hours, 0 info :frowning_face:

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This is the unfortunate reality of our game bro. I’m not gonna stop playing because I love the game, but I understand how easily this can frustrate people.

Yes, the bug still exists 11:10ET. Only the arena functions (battles, chat, replay) are working. If you exit the arena, the super mech blue screen (closes from top and bottom) freezes in the closed position.

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I play on Kongregate and there is no access to any part of game.
As soon as I close the ‘news’ the hexplate doors close and stay.

WTF? How long we must wait. TS drinking or take drugs? Everytime new update and much more bugs.


Most likely drinking and taking drugs.

I’m wondering why some accounts are affected and others not.
Even on the same device. :thinking:


I wonder if it’s just the peeps without base that are affected?

All 3 of my accounts are no base and I have no problem with any of them today

HAHA, and you can’t contact in-game-support! lol
my suggestion: make the close button to an I-agree-to-base-button.
Then it gets a function.

@jonny @Mechzilla @Mohadib and again @Sarah247 @SilverBox
should know these ironics.

Guys i testet account with base, w/o base, i try login from mobile … same problem.
So probably its database problem
Some players have problem with clan rewards … i join to clan war, but game does not show my team …

Ps: I wonder what happens then this season ends … i think many players lost season box :frowning_face:


Same for me. @Sarah247