Stuck in Raid 4


Again , im stuck in raid 4 , please i need freaking help

@Sarah247 @Mohadib @jonny


Have you

Yourself yet?


User ID? Please.:slight_smile:


I need to be in raid 6 , right this instance.

this also happened 2 weeks ago , you didnt answer.



But then again , i wouldnt have the points from raid 5.

So i need to be put in raid 6 with 19k points @Sarah247


Still in raid 4 @Sarah247


Did you miss any days? If you miss a day you cannot move on.


Nope , i did all of them , i was in raid 4 but i didnt get to raid 5 , nor 6 now.


The best option for you to do is put me in raid 5 , i do the raid , then you put me in raid 6 to finish it.


If I could put you there I would. I don’t have that power.
I will ask the devs to look into it.


Well do it faster , the raid ends tomorrow , and tomorrow i have school ._.


Why do i keep getting Network Errors?

Is it cause of the developers?


what does your mech look like