Stuck between rank 9-11

Ever since I got my mythical Windigo, I’ve been fighting nothing but fully maxed mythical mechs and constantly losing. When I got my myth torso, I went from rank 13-12 to 11-9 since people there were much easier because of my myth, but now, there are nothing but maxed mythical mechs. And when I drop down, I always win and get up, but then I constantly lose again. I’m stuck between ranks 11-9 and when I get up, I drop down, but get back up again. All I want is a steady rank. Okay, dunno really why I made this post, but any help would be appreciated (although I have no clue how you would help in this kind of situation).


Okay, so basically this is how it works: I’m rank 11, I keep on winning until I peak rank 9. Then I have a humongous losing streak until I’m back at rank 9.

And I lose because of people like this:

(This is at RANK 10)
I don’t even have a fully maxed mythical while this dude has THREE.
The matchmaking needs a rework so that it also depends on your mech and not just your rank.

And this also shows you the power difference between these two ranks. Rank 10: people like me with only a few myths (if any). Rank 9: multiple fully maxed myths.

How about me?I’m rank 10 but I always face people with magma blasts,bunker shells,and sometimes even valiants.(some of them are mythical)then I drop down to rank 11 or even the end of the week I’m always rank 10, because all noobs play before the season ends.

Hm… I will try to explain what is happening with images.

When a game starts, you see a lot of new players comming, almost everyone is “weak” and the game gets a wave of noobs and just a few players are actually strong, result:


After some time and enffort, more people gets stronger, this moment the game is relatively balanced and equal:


And then, the end. Many players are on a rush to get in top, and the the stronger, this results in a game with a large community of top players, with the best items and resouces, players that are in the top and will do everything to keep their position, the more top players, the harder it becomes to get to the top, and people starts getting stuck, because even having the best stuff is not enought to be a top player, as you can see here:



For me it is the first world war super mechs (survive or die)

Here to be able to gain rank an absurdly strong mech is needed because if you do not stay in the same rank :confused:

My son has the same issue at the moment, so he is farming every opportunity he gets. I think the mechs have also gotten stronger in the lower ranks after the higher XP update. You can get stuff much quicker through constantly ranking up.

In this game you need to put in an absurd amount of either money or time, or even both.

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Hi mate,

everybody starts by maxing out torsos, legs, and weapons. The leap you are facing right now is about your modules, working on them you should achieve R7 R6. Then you will face another leap around R5, that will be about battle strategy and build optimization. Last leap being around R2, there you will need platinium plates and/or myth savior to keep going. @Ricemech88 made some very detailed topics about these matters (to lazy to look for it), you should take a look.

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I’m lazy now


I am quicker than u lol

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Well, I’m rank 15 now. Whenever I miss one star for rank 14, I immediately lose one star. And then I get that star back, but I just can’t go to rank 14. Same as you, dude. (I guess so).



(Off Topic) Is that profile from Metal Slug Defense?

Well, I will say. Good job getting Mythical Windigo! But I do recommend getting Mythical Nightfall and Annihilation. As of right now, I have 2 mythicals. Mythical Nightfall and Annihilation (Next is my windigo). So, because I don’t have a mythical torso, a lot of people look at me and say I am weak. (Plus I really hate that) So what I do, I farm on 1 level that is easy to beat and get a lot of exp, and MIX boxes. That made the game a lot easier, since I was getting a lot more epics. I was also leveling up too so I was constantly refueling myself. From this, I was able to make my Nightfall mythical in 3 days! It was a huge help, and when I needed money. I would farm on BigBoy for the free 10K. So, mythical Items is next for you. I also have a recommendation for your legs. If you get Iron Boots, then replace Chromium Crushers with them. Iron Boots is the main legging for a physical mech :smiley: So, apart from maxing a mythical out. They are really expensive to do. Getting a mythical alone could cost up to 350 Thousand! Then getting it to max could be another 100 thousand or even 200 thousand. It is difficult, but it is always a good feeling when you get something to max or finish something very difficult eh?

exactly. im having that difficulty too

Are you the phys or heat? I would like to help (if I can). Send private message with screenshot of everything. Bye!

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I fought this guy.

I have 6 mythicals, so I am usually rank 8 or 9. Being a free heat mech, there is only so much I can do. Once I get to rank 7, the realm of the scary physical mechs, I am pushed back.
I will remain here until I get platinum plating and premium heat weapons

So I will be stuck for quite some time

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