Strongest mech ever in this game


Up ur strongest mech of u here XD


Nah, this mech is strongest.


He’s so strong and so huge, that you can’t even see him. He’s just a gleaming ball of light and dark.


Or too small :joy:


Legacy event buying+bug game+littel bit of edit


No, that picture is not editted in any form or way, neither is it from Pre-Reloaded (Legacy).

That is a bug that happens when you remove all parts of your mech including modules, and the game shows you this Improve Your Mech Offer in the start of an acc.


removed item alway not is edit ? Edit mech :)))))


I can’t even edit something to disappear completely and have the background still there, and wouldn’t let it be editted by other people.

Don’t believe me otherwise, you prick.


don’t u understand that funny joke ?


Your grammar is pretty broken as all balls, so no.




My teacher is pretty weird XD


i think using grammar of different language to the different language is not work…well XD


Normal what u call english is ?
U call english is english right ?
But in my country they call english is Vinglish :V


Can you PLEASE combine your comments into one post?!? It’s actually starting to tick me off, even though I’ve told you like 10 times.

Also, stop posting random useless topics. We don’t need them.


It’s off topic if u want say me to don’t post weird things on off topic u better say that with some hundred different player…


What happens if you buy it. :thinking: