Strategies as a physical build!


Until last week,I have been using a triplet physical setup:a heat counter,an energy counter and a rounded build (in case of dual heaters or dual electrics).I don’t have to say that each one of them was,in fact,also a phys counter.I decided to change my setup because of a couple particular things.

You see,the strategy of physicals go like this:

Against energy - deal as much damage as possible before getting drained and making use of energy-dependent weapons first,then improvising after being drained (I’m talking about hook/charge + Annihilation combo aka. the hop-hop combo).Try to make use of the range,so you’ll last longer before fully drained.

Against heat - take out your drone first;every turn,shutdown once and use any of your weapons (you still overpower them per turn,so you can afford using one action point per turn).When your heat opponent has less health left than your primary combos,then instead of shutdowning,use both action points to attack (like this,your mech will have around half a heat cap but it will be alive,most probably surviving another combo.In case of heat bomb users,shutdown once before (so you’ll have as small a cap as possible) then twice after it’s been shot (like this,you will still fire the drone twice and have a good cap left).Against F2P heaters,you can easily put them at a disadvantage:limit their options by moving in an unfavourable spot for them.You see,most F2P heaters have a range 1-2 blind spot (even better if you have a SeraphBlade,it closes the entire range gap in your favour) that you can exploit.If you are in the corner of the map,then even better!Force them to stomp or waste an action point (by hooking them etc).

Against phys - Phys vs Phys battles are…Yeah,you already know.
There are a couple things about physicals that decide the winner before the battle has even started:
The health: As you might know,physicals gain whole turns,in which they can do up to 1000 damage!You see,a mech with 1400 hp can last as long as a mech with 1900 hp and a mech with 2000 hp can last as long as one with 2500.The thing is:You take out your drone for around 200 damage,in the next turn you do around 900 damage and in the third turn you do around 1000.
Who starts first: Generally,the one who starts first wins if the opponent has close to equal health to him.If you have 2000 health (as much as your opponent),you will win with around 500 health left (unless he uses the teleport trick I’ll talk about next).If you have 1500 health and go against a 1900 health build,you will win etc (btw,I used average values regarding the RNG,as it can also change the tide of the battle).Turns are the real deciding factor regarding who wins or loses.It’s all about luck if you think about it.
The teleport trick: This is a pretty dirty trick but it can,in fact,change the tide of the battle,as well.
You see,for example I have 700-800 health left and my opponent has 1100.There’s no way I can beat him regularly (even if I started first).Instead of accepting a defeat,I’ll gamble by hitting him once (for an average of 300+200 drone,so he’ll be at 600 hp left) and teleporting away.Like that,even if he teleports/charges/hooks me,I will survive the half-combo he launches with around 100 health left.I will survive that and he will die,as I use my full primary combo on him.By the way,as I expressed earlier,this is a ‘‘cheap shot’’ move,but it’s indeed a legit (and lowly) strategy.


But if someone else does this to you, you also teleport away to the opposite side as far as you can. Your drone will do the necessary 200 damage for you to be able to get them low enough. So now, you can kill them with anything while they (the one who started the sly trick) will have to grapple or charge and hit you and leave you with around 1-100 hp if done correctly.

If you do not have enough hp to counter this attack, then just grapple and do your last dying damage as it’s better than countering the move.


Missed you mate.

  • resistance(s), has a massive impact on battles; especially true for phys vs phys
  • starting position, at range 5, if you have no, 1 or 2 spartans it changes lot.


Also forgot about falcon ,desert fury and mighty cannon


I also want to say (maybe I’m just a strategy-maniac ? XD), but in all of my battles, I try to move the opponent to force it to be on the their lowest combo at their turn

I mean: if the opponent is at range 3, have range 1-2 blind spot and powerful 3+ range weapons, I’ll use my NE/grapple/hook/tp to stay in the 1-2 range…
Opposite goes for the 1-2 range powerhouse and 3+ range feather fist…I try to be away from the mech…

I use this strategy more with my placeholder 2nd mech (Push’n’pull phys build with TC, NE, NF and Hauteclerre)


I only talked about the strategy…Not about individual weapons…
But hey,let’s talk about that,too!

Yeah,Falcon can be used as a combo with either Teleport or Rolling Beasts (to reach range 8).It can deal as much as a full combo in one hit so,if you have your drone activated,you’d do around 200 extra damage than a regular combo.
The tricky thing comes in in battles in which both participants have Falcon/FS/LS.It can be used to counter itself.Yes,you heard right:it can counter itself (unless you’re shooting someone with lower hp left and 1-shot him;if not,then you’ll receive a vicious hit from this crazy weapon).

About Desert Fury…Not much I can say about it.From my experience,it’s useless.It doesn’t drain enough res to compensate for the rest of the damage your other (real) weapons will do.Maybe it’s only use is as a filler as it weights very little,but it’s still be kind of useless,even then.

What about Mighty cannon?
A premium,harder hitting,longer range Night eagle (with a pretty huge cost).


Me too.
When I go against dual NF builds,I take my SeraphBlade build to go against it.It cuts the range and forces the opponent to either stomp (for half the damage he’s normally do) or move away (thus dealing even less damage that turn0.


Ask @lordgorgon
He loved desert furys when he wasn’t a top player (I mean before the claw’s release and he joined htk )


I won my first gold with:
Dual nf
Dual desert fury

That was before the claw and arena buff.


I know.
It can be something paired with a Bloodweep or when you double them (so you drain more),but as a singular weapon,it is less powerful that any conventional phys weapon.

By the way,LordGorgon’s strategy was different and involved this particular weapon while we still had 1v1 and 3v3 modes,before the arena shop.Then,you could actually do something with this item.Right now,in forced 2v2,it’s useless,even when paried.You just don’t have enough time to drain and stack that damage per hit,because of the arena perks.

So no,it doesn’t work anymore.


try this website man you can go there to build the mech you want


What does this have to do with any of this thread’s topic?


Good approach.
You dont want to hug a mercy user tho.


Truth been told. Good analyse mate…


you can go there and design the mech you want so you can have plans for what you need to do in game


Actually,sometimes I do,but only when I feel lucky.Mercy has a huge gap between max and min damage,so I sometimes rely on my luck that it wouldn’t pull its harders.
But oh well,I usually take the other build against it.


I…know about that website…I just asked what does it have to do in this thread…


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Off-topic: @lordgorgon, you saied you were ok to fight with any forum member to “analyze” their build…want to go against me anytime soon ? ^^