Strategic weapon : Land Mines (3 types)


Strategic weapon name : Land Mine.

Land Mines Type : Physical , Heat and Energy

The Physical the max Damage while Heat and Energy as usual little lower damage but steals Energy or heats up Enemy.

land mine range of drop : 3 spaces away

Land mind trigger range : 0 the Mech must step on it

Land Mine Explosion Range : 0-2 … yes it can damage both Mechs if near !

Land Mine Damage : to be discussed.

Land Mine HP = 1 hp … any hit will make it explode . but be sure you are at least 2 spaces away from it when shooting it. and ANY Mech can be hit with it even if the one who placed it.

Land Mine Activation : Two ways : either any meach is near it … OR any MEch shoots it . so this Mine can damage ANY ONE

Number of Mines per player : each mine takes a slot …

Strategic Value of Mines : will force Mechs who deals near range damage to stay away untill he shoots the mine from 3 spaces away or it will hit him anyway (explosion range)

To be Discussed


We don’t need stuff like this thank you.

Boy, a mech can’t even shoot DOWNWARDS in-game, also even if you wanted to, that’s just wasting a flippin’ turn.

Make up your mind about that “the Mech must step on it”

Anyways, this is an idea that is useless, Mechs with like their original or copied builds would like slip this in and would cause overweight, also DON’T say it doesn’t have weight, every item in-game has weight with it… Excluding perks. Even if they try to “Change” some of their mech parts, it may ruin their mechs for eternity… Or a few days.

Also please keep these all in one topic, or it’s literally just spamming topics.


make up my mind ?

near it ? well stepping over it is also near it … you dont need to talk with me like that.

and Finally , putting ideas in one post is not good . how do you expect people t o reply to 10 weapons ideas ? saying negative and so on for each weapon ? this will make it a mess to read and organize.

and more mess replying to each looong reply for each Idea … and at the end people will get confused and leave the post and lose focus.

and I am no spammer . this is ideas and each idea will have replies and counter replies . and it is better to be separated .

and if we decide to vote in each idea how do you expect me to put a vote in one thread that has 10 ideas ?

as for weight , well land mines have weight but they are minimal not heavy.

and if you dont like the idea be nice next time in your reply .


Quoting to them like this. Also they could literally just say like :

Example, you made a topic with 2 weapon ideas, 1 weapon is energy and other is heat, each have their own name. They would just refer their freakin’ names and tell what’s wrong or good about them.:stuck_out_tongue:

Then how about ALL the players saying that you should keep these in 1 post? Including the moderator “Mr. E”, he told you that didn’t he?

Make seperate polls, Like this :

Example, There’s 2 weapons, 1 is named Falcon and other is Punch, Falcon is very OP and Punch is very UP.

You make 2 polls about them like this :

Who wants Falcon in-game?

  • Yes
  • No

0 voters

And who thinks Punch is UP?

  • Me
  • Him

0 voters

Like that. :joy:

Ahh, okay then, but please don’t make unnervingly OP Or unnervingly unbalanced next time. :clap:


yes MR E contacted me and we agreed that I put one idea only per day or two …

but joining all ideas in one post is not recommended at all will make like 1 whole page post and people will never read all that. and reply to all that…

as for my ideas being OP . well I dont see OP here … I said : damage : to be discussed.

so it seems you just want to have fun in flaming a thread.


we dont need land mines
we need better stats for trashy weapons


Did I say anything about this being OP yet? No, I haven’t yet.

It’s just that your “other” weapons/ideas are unnervingly unbalanced or OP.


Make it do like 700 damage. You would pair it with an energy or heat mech and then they are not only immobile, but they can’t attack. the are officially crippled.


2 uses. (idk if this is a necropost or what, I don’t pay attention to the date)


god dammit


Nopeeeeeeeeeeee The current land mine is Bunker Shell/ Falcon.


1 wrong step… Over to the scrap yard…


why do you necro topics?


I wanna. I have freedom of speech. Besides, I never saw a rule against it.


There’s no rule against it but it doesn’t stop people from hating you ¯\_ (ツ) _/¯


Ye. (20 character limit)


People already hate you already ¯\_ (ツ) _/¯


I know. (20 character limit)


So you should stop ¯\_ (ツ) _/¯


Alright. I don’t care…