[STRATEGIC 2v2] A Way to Address Mech Roulette while bringing back 1v1 and 3v3 elements


A lot of us are familiar wtih Mech Roulette…

This is primarily due to how Mechs are selected on the Mech Selection screen.

You see your opponents 3 Mechs and try to guess which 2 he’ll pick, and then choose the appropriate counters. The problem though is, a lot of games typically get very lopsided depending on the matchups and are not worth playing. Not good for a so-called strategy game

Now certainly, 1v1 (needs to be good vs everything) and 3v3 (nowhere to hide severely unbalanced CounterMechs) would both favor more Rounded Mechs, but reintroducing at this stage would divide the player pool and create excessivrly long waits.

So, how do we get back to favoring Rounded Mechs and better quality matches? Introducing…

Feature Matches

  • Strategic 2v2 with 1v1 and 3v3 elements

Initially, these would be Showcase matches between Rank 1 Black Skull players only. Imagine, being Rank 1, and waiting for your next match in the Arena, when all of a sudden, you hear… this


Screen goes black, and a Mech Selection Screen comes up that says:

Choose 1 Mech to be your Champion

That’s right. PIck 1 out of 3 Mechs to start. Match starts like a 1v1. Rounded Mechs are typically the best way to go here because you never really know what your opponent might bring out. Just in case your opponent chooses to start with a strong counter though…

When Swapping out Mechs, Choose 1 of your 2 Remaining Mechs to come in

Again, you read that right. It’s kinda like 3v3 in a way as all your Mechs are available to choose from. Now once you’ve selected this 2nd Mech, you are only allowed one more swap back to the original 1st Mech (the 3rd remaining Mech does not play).

The reason for doing it this way is that you can select a Rounded or Strong Counter to counter the opponent’s 1st Mech. By putting out his strong Counter 1st, he reveals his hand so to speak and gives you an advantage. He does still get the chance though to select 1 of his 2 remaining Mechs.

Benefits of Strategic 2v2

  • Favors Rounded Mechs to start match
  • Match outcome stays in suspense longer
  • Significantly Less Mech Roulette
  • All 3 Mechs available to choose from
  • No splitting of opponent pool
  • No significant increase in time to play (in fact, would be less)
  • More Strategically Satisfying Gameplay

Would you like to see Strategic 2v2 in SuperMechs?

  • Yes, but only for Black Skulls vs Black Skulls (Rank 1 vs Rank 1)
  • Yes, but for All Skull Ranks vs. All Skull Ranks (Rank 1-4 vs Rank 1-4)
  • Yes, but for All 2v2 Ranked Matches (Rank 15-1 vs Rank 15-1)
  • No, I prefer the Current 2v2 System
  • Other (please explain)

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Questions? Comments?




this seems rather interesting

although a few questions:
will we still see the mech selection screen for the opponent?
will it create new metas?
why does it feel like “mech roulette but instead of picking right on the mech selection screen, you pick right on the switchout”?

*and when i mean “right” i mean “correctly”


You will still see the Mech Selection Screen for the opponent… only difference is that screen goes black so you know right away it’s a PICK ONE scenario

Seeing the opponents Mech before the match gives you an idea of what’s on the table to come out after his initial choice

I would expect New 1v1 Metas to have the best Starter Mech. Sometimes might make 2 good Roundeds to be the Starter Mech

There is still a bit of Roulette element but you are not TIED IN to a pre-match choice. 2nd Choice is more fluid and is a more informed choice (less of a guess)


hm okay

well given that, im guessing energies will almost never start

also failing to see how the 2nd mech is going to be a more-informed choice until either player switches out first.

its definitely a nice idea, but its like 2% less roulette lol


No matter what, if you’re able to see the mechs before picking the champion, it’ll still be Mech Roulette

how about just choosing without knowing who your opponent is?


no thats asking to be a double volcano and i sure dont want some burning hot magma being shoved up my butt


well, we’ve known for a long time that:

1v1 = Rising/Canopy mechs rule = Power gap
2v2 = Mech Roulette/Volcano mechs (due to buffs and nerfs and new items) = Luck/Power gap
3v3 = Rounded but TIME TIME TIME

so unless we do forced only 3v3 (forced to only have 3v3 to reduce time), it’ll still be downside to everyone else


the difference is you get to pick 2 to make it a 2v2

what if we got to choose 3 builds from a selection of 4 mechs? or 4 builds from a selection of 5? or 3 from 6?

because of the nature of how 2v2s work, choosing the wrong counters is an immediate loss. but if we can choose 3 or 4 from a lineup of 6, what then? imo, i feel like the luck factor will decrease.

now of course it will take time to build a whole team of 4,5, or 6 mechs but once thats done, the selection to choose 3 or 4 shouldnt rely on luck too much


If you see the Mechs, you’ll have a good idea who they would start

Players will kind of get a rep for always picking a certain mech as their champion. Get a decent energy that can beat their champion consistently


You’ll know what he picked 1st so instead of picking your 2nd Mech blind like before, you’ll at least know what one of the picks was.

Also, instead of 3 possible Mechs as his 2nd Mech, it’s narrowed down to 2


ok from what i understand the process is this:

  • pick a starter (pokemon not included)
  • start the match
    ** if i pick wrong, i switch
    ****** opponent most likely switches based on 2nd mech analysis
    ** if they pick wrong they switch
    ****** i most likely switch based on 2nd mech analysis

okay i can see how the choices will be narrowed down, but how much less roulette will be there? cuz it seems like i’ll just be picking in the middle of the match instead of at the beginning

on a side note, maybe heat bomb and emp could be used more often


Ideally you wouldn’t want to be the first to switch… that’s why a good rounded to start is important for both players… it almost becomes like a Gentleman’s agreement to start with a rounded and play it out

If you lose the 1st Mech vs 1st Mech match, you will be forced to pick your 2nd Mech 1st, which is a disadvantage (as your opponent now knows what you picked)

Once you switch, you give your opponent info

Now you’re starting to get it… if you start off with a No Energy Gay… opponent brings in his EMP Mech and you’re 1st Mech is toast… you really need to start with a well Rounded Mech… not a Counter with all it’s weaknesses, warts and wrinkles which are now exposed


yeah thats why it seems like mech roulette but the roulette happens 1 and a half times lol


This would be a burden to the servers though. Imagine how many people with slow connections timing out. Not everyone has 100mbps connection. :slight_smile:


This idea as a whole is wrong, sadly to those who love rounded mechs… Here is why:

For first you have no right to favour as matchmaking, any type of mechs. Speaking of rounders, counters, super counters, counter/rounders, hybrids or whatever.

All mechs are player based builds, and if you encounter them you gotta deal with them as they are, without drawbacks to the certain type.

Those are all player choice based mechs which result in one’s decision of how they wanna play and what they calculated is worth going for.

Yes, it can be a bit boring when the outcome is clear before first shot getting fired, and yes it does lower the quality of a gameplay a bit?

But how so?

Just cause both players can’t brawl for a bit longer?

Quitting Arena is just fine, and yes… It doesn’t take as much time to redo a match, sometimes it does take time to find an opponent but still, it seems fine.
(As long as you aren’t a rank 1)

Giving favour to a certain group of mechs is bad execution overall, and how would you make such a system?
How will the system know what is a rounder and what not?
You gotta be more specific.

I see the point of this and see why players would want such an update. But in practice, it doesn’t work.


My opinion of the matter? Don’t show us what mechs the other player has and remove the option to switch mechs in battle. Play the cards you are dealt. Make 2v2 two 1v1 battles in one go.


“Hey, this guy has low energy, let’s switch to my energy mech just to be an a-hole, huhuhuhuhuhuhuhu”


Why fight a fair fight between two equal heaters when you can just send out a heat counter energy mech? That seems to be the major opinion of the matter now


Good idea… but that the same roulette…
Maybe i wrong, but how about taking turns? Suppose 1st player chooses the 1st and he takes his start mech , then the turn comes for second player and he choose his start mech , after that 1st player chooses the starting range between them (2nd player dont see which range choose 1st player), and then 2nd mech. After 2nd player take their 2nd mech.