Story contest. part II. the vote

We received 9 stories (very good! At least, Awards will not be deserted). These works will be displayed below this message and numbered from 1 to 9, for the purpose of voting. They will be published without the author’s name and the vote is anonymous, so that you can vote freely. The final vote of jury is decisive in case of a tie or dispute.
Most of the stories have exceeded the length that had been requested. But we leave it like that. Spelling, originality and general presentation will be taken into account.
They will be put here, for voting, until Saturday, so that potential voters have time to read.

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Finally I was waiting for the topic but it is already here so Yupi! ok no hehe


It is a normal day in New York, July 18th, 2020 A relatively cloudless sky, and a nice, cool breeze. A 26 year old man named Jonas, is walking down the sidewalk, his head filled with many thoughts, each unrelated to the terrible fate that is about to strike him and the rest of the city. How will I pay for the rising cost of living here? Will I have to work overtime? Did I leave the stove on? As mentioned, he, and no one else here, is prepared for the events that are about to unfold in the next five minutes. At this point, astronomers on their telescopes have just noticed a swarm of fast moving objects, heading straight for Earth. Calls have already been made, and speculations made, and some warnings sent out, but it is already too late. Many officials at NASA and otherworldly space agencies are worried that this could perhaps be a strangely undetected large meteor shower, that may cause some property damage, although few loss of life. However, what they don’t know, is that this strange swarm of objects heading straight for our fragile planet is no meteor shower. It is worse. Much worse. These beings have left their desolate planet in search for more resources, and a new place to call home. For many decades, they watched Earth, seeing days and months come and go. Silently they watched, and waited, hungrily, for the right time to strike. And, that time came at around 6:00 AM, on that fateful day in mid-July. They had been patient enough, and eventually their lust to finally conquer this little planet grew too large to wait any longer. The invasion had begun.

Halfway to his destination, Jonas stopped in his tracks. What is that? He thought. It was a noise, not unlike a Jet Engine, although much louder. In fact, it sounded like something very large was falling right of the sky…

His thoughts were suddenly interrupted when something huge slammed into the Earth, making the buildings shake, and the ground rumble. He turned to look, and he froze. Crawling out of a cloud of dust and ashes, came a giant… robot. Bright, red light emitted from what seemed to be the cockpit, piloted by some unknown creature never seen by human eyes before. Out of nowhere, a horrifying sound began to come from the “mech,” as they would be called by the survivors of the invasion. A giant weapon on its side began to glow with a red, mysterious light. Jonas, mesmerized by its glow, started amazed, unaware of the dryness that had filled the air around him, the humidity of it literally sucked out to power the immense heat of this horrible weapon. A crowd had begun to form, with Jonas at the center, all of them unable to look away. What they didn’t know was that a concentrated beam of light, burning as hot of the surface of the sun, was about to be unleashed on them, destroying, no, vaporizing everything in its path, instantly. To the few people of the world that survived the initial invasion, this terrible weapon would be known as the “corrupt light”, and would become something to be feared by even the bravest person.

Earth didn’t stand a chance.



In a very distant era, there was a very old civilization called Ferrum Valley, ruling by the king TEVA LIKTENIS, who had three twin sons: Naenias Volunder, Aciarius Frigus and Basalt Calidi. Time passed and there was a war between the inhabitants of Valley Ferrum and a strange race from another planet. The king faced fighting the enemy, they outnumbered them, but visitors had an unknown technology superior to theirs, a crushing defeat suffered the kingdom of Valley. The king as he could, sent his little children, were the survivors in the Guard of the Conquest, as well as called, after many years. Naia, Aciarius and Basalts grew, strengthened and traveled a lot, came to a place that few had managed to enter, was called OVERLORDS DEN, at this place were written texts on strange objects. One day Basaltos found something with a writing which read: DEMOLISHER MARK II, he lick his brothers and show he had achieved, then at many towns and villages finding information about that thing but nobody has to answer until he came to a town called ZINAT, one of the villagers took them to one of the wise elders to show what they brought, the old story about the strange objects stories, the wise to see that was impressed and asked as if it had been that LEGENDARY weapon that belonged to the EMPTURAL CENTURY, that old bag from an old trunk a small box and the unit with the DEMOLISHER MARK II said that he taught them to use it if it still worked since it was very old, they went to a rocky mountain and they came to the same type as the theory that they almost completely collapsed, Volunder to see what they could to do with that thing is full of cocktails and his thoughts turned dark, the third day by the morning BASALTOS realized he was gone and was to warn Volunder and Aciarius what happened None of them was ready, what did not happen was that they betrayed him, Basaltos undertook a long journey in search of what they betrayed. Crossed the mountains, the rivers and the open places but he didn´t. Came to a village named VOLCANO, for a large volcano that was found in the upper area, there Basaltos met good people also his beloved wife MALFICA, one day the volcano erupted sweeping the great part of the island, Basaltos climbed very high near the top and was able to rescue his beloved wife, after the volcano calmed down to see from above how the island had been but something inside the volcano called his attention is approaching and saw that it was something similar what it´s before it has found, that it is in search of help to obtain it, when removing it was a huge skull shape, it was like a kind of book under a script that said: GALAXUS MODEL B, a small gate opened and inside there were the manual commands and screens, they were equipped with 25 missiles but they needed other weapons that could be operated, time passed and Basaltos could be understood as they used that ship that by name I put TORSO, that They understood that they needed legs and arms to make him walk and build many weapons that fit perfectly. He ended up doing other things which he called: BUGGY and TANK, someone told Basaltos that he had seen a machine nearby that looked like the one that had it and that is causing havoc, Basaltos prepared and alert to all because perhaps a war was about to realize, those machines were with his two brothers, Aciarius and Volunder, which came to the conclusion of which island, the machine of Volunder was Equipped with ammunition weapons, the trunk found where it fitted perfectly with legendary weapon, that of Aciarius was very different and didn´t depend on the ammunition if it not bring with it weapons that fed and absorbed the energy that they had stolen.

Basaltos: never forgive them for what they did and they didn´t have to hurt people who they wanted to Volunder: hahaha… as you like brother prepare to be destroyed

Volunder starts firing a burst but realized that he had not done so much damage that his brother’s machine was covered by a red cape

Volunder: what? Is it impossible, how could I not harm you? What is that strange layer?

Basaltos: I feel disappointed Volunder,. but I am ready for your attacks and defenders this territory, this is my heat shield that absorbs 50% damage, your attacks are not very effective against me, I’m sorry. I´ll have no choice but to annihilate you.

At this moment, someone mysterious arrives and says in a loud voice: stop fire!, everyone is surprised and the unknown person asks them to stop.

Aciarius: who are you? and why do you ask us to stop?

Unknown: my name is Gladio. I come from the city CRISTAL, I went out looking for help, my city is being attacked, I don´t know where they came from, they are massacring the whole population an army directed to someone who calls himself RAMBOY.

Gladio: my people are attacking, please have to help us the few, we are losing the battle

Volunder, Basaltos and Aciarius, recalled that day when their city was destroyed by strangers who apparently were the same ones who were at that moment attacking Crystal City.

Volunder: what are we doing? aciarius in which we have become? Our enemies have always died with ours, brother, Basaltos forgave all the damage he caused you.

Basaltos: right Volunder, at the end of the day we carry the same blood, let’s join forces and fight together, there is no time to lose.


Special Addition
8 years ago…

”Oi! Meela!” Sentinel shouted. Meela, being his wife, had responded back.
“What? Can’t you see i’m here trying to hold this mob of mechs off?” As I look back, I could see what she meant. She had about 3 different mechs attacking her. For a rank 4, that was pretty impressive. Considering those 3 mechs being rank 5 themselves. Now that I look at it, Meela’s mech has the potential to be a rank 1 herself. Sentinel look back at the mech he was fighting, and ended up getting bashed.
“PAY ATTENTION TO ME NOT HER YA IDIOT.” Sentinel staggered back. Even with my Zakares torso, that still did a lot of damage.
“You know, for a physical mech, your not so bad yourself.” Then I stomped down on his mech torso as hard as I could.
“Why you… you are going to pay for th-” And there his mech blown up. I guess I overheated his mech way to far to the point he was going to blow up.
“SENTINEL, HELP!” I look back at Meela, to see her in trouble. She seemed to be pinned down.
“Ha, you call yourself a rank 4? Pitiful.” I look up to see… Gala pinning her down. What is he doing?
“Gala… what are you do-”
“Why did you marry this scrap heap? She is so weak.” Rage started to rise in my chest. I ran towards Gala to try and help Meela, but ended up being blown back.
“You think you can beat me with brute force?” Gala used a weapon I have never seen. It had blown me back really far. But… now that I look at my physical resistance, it was down to -75.
What? I was at -25 physical resistance… did that weapon remove 50 resistance?
The weapon was way more powerful than it looked like. I looked at him in surprise.
“What are you surprised about? There’s nothing for you anymore Sentinel. You have been nothing but a thorn in my side for the past 2 years in Super Mechs.” More hatred boiled up in my chest up to my head. Was he betraying everyone in Super Mechs? And how was I a thorn on his side?
“Well, if I was a thorn on your side. How about I be more of a thorn on your side and get you arrested you traitor.” I stared at him angrily. It’s true he had weapons I never seen before. All of the weapons did over 800 damage. This is bad, I only just have over 200 hp. Why does his weapons do so much damage? Though… his mech looked a lot more different than all of the other mechs.
“Ha… I built a mech that wasn’t even supposed to be built during this time. A mech that can do so much damage that even YOUR build can’t do anything! You will perish here, right here. Right now!” He flew straight to me. I tried to block him with everything I had, but I got blown back. The reactor was right behind me.
“You think you are powerful now? Maybe you will think different once I kill yo- AGH GET OFF ME” I saw Meela hanging onto him from behind. Her mech had been all bashed up, but she was still able to fight. Which was a good sign. But I saw something pretty unsettling. Was Gala planning on shooting that monstrous cannon at her?
Gala through her off and whirled around. From the looks of it, he was going to fire it.
“You pest. Why don’t you go and say hello to your brother?” My eyes widened. He was going to kill her! I have to move, come on. GET UP ALREADY. Ugh, with my mech in this state, I am not sure if I have enough strength to do anything… but…
I look up at the cliff in front of them. Maybe I can cause enough rocks to fall so that Gala can tumble down. Yeah, I have enough heat storage left to shoot my magma blast. I point towards the cliff. I couldn’t hold myself. I was shaking to hard.
“Sayonara you worthless junk.” Gala didn’t pay attention to me. I shot the magma blast. The rocket was fast enough to reach the rocks before Gala shot her. When it hit the cliff side, a lot of rocks began to tumble down. With my remaining energy left in this mech, I ran towards Gala to hold him down.
“MEELA, RUN AND TAKE COVER!” But she didn’t move. Was she in shock?
“I… I am not leaving you.”
“You have to leave now!” Gala looked down at me, his mech glowering in rage.
“You little worm. You honestly think I am going to let her get away?” To my horror, he was still pointing the cannon at her. The rocks were ⅘ down the cliff. “I will kill you AND your wife you scrap!” he shot directly at Meela, but the rocks had came just in time to break his aim. He shot towards Meela’s torso, but just a bit lower so that it detached her mech’s torso and legs.
Good, she should survive. The beam had just stopped before my mech, and the rocks gave too much weight against Gala. He fell backwards, and the rocks kept moving his mech. I was long with him.
I looked back to see the reactor still there. It looked like on the verge of exploding.
This is it. I’m going to die. I’m going to die without even saying goodbye to my son. But… at least I can go down in glory, and put Gala at his end for his treachery when he betrayed us.
We tumbled into the reactor.
“YOU! ONCE YOU DIE, I WILL HAUNT YOU EVEN IN YOUR AFTER LIFE, I WILL BE THE BANE OF YOUR LI-” Gala was cut short in his words. We fell into the reactor. All I remember, is seeing an explosion. My body getting blown apart. This is it. After defeating BigBoy for the third time. This is it.
Gala and me fell in, and the explosion was bigger than an atomic bomb.

Ow… my head’s dizzy. I can’t feel my legs…
I tried to look towards the reactor, but once I took one glance. I got the feeling that Sentinel was no more.
I couldn’t stop myself from crying. The despair was to great. He died without saying goodbye…
In the distance, I could see reinforcements coming. They saw my mech in ruins. I only remember being put into the hospital. I could barely hear their voices, but I knew I lost my legs. Now I will have to tend to my children on a wheelchair.

2 Months later.
“I am sorry, Mrs. Meela. Your husband had died during that huge explosion. And you have lost your legs, so now you can not continue your work in Super Mechs.” My eyes clouded with grief. I really lost him. I look to the side, to see my sons coming over. Young Zack with his brother really does look like their father.
As I watch them come over, my vision became watery, as a teardrop came down. I couldn’t stop this grief. This is a memory, that will be stuck with me forever. I look over to the side. The window was shut, but I could see a shape of a man just outside. Then, my eyes grew with horror. Gala… was alive. He survived the explosion.



Today I’ll tell you the reason for this feeling of Sorrow
As the past couple updates have left me pretty hollow…

Energy’s the meta and only time will tell
That,of course,until you get hit by a Bunker Shell.

I might make my luggage and say my Last Words
As all the effort I put in got me no rewards.

The last updates were really bad and,not to lie
Make me think of the next ones and I’ll let out a Terror Cry.

The 3v3 was great but has met fatality
And now these power kits hit me with Brutality.

With these drops you have to play more with anger
Sitting 5 hours a day on a chair feeling like a BackBreaker.

We thought the game was great but instead what do we see?
A ruin with bad drops that does not include Mercy.

My heart aches as I am pretty weak by nature
And when I see these drops,my arteries suffer a Crimson Rapture.

My expectations became Void because the support is abysmal
And again,because the chance for goldies is so god damn small.

So allow me to inform you about this even deeper…
This game as it is will soon meet the Grim Reaper.

The drops will always meet another nerf or bigger scourge
As the only thing I’ve ever gotten is a tiny Windforge.

The drops will soon be sliced in half by yet another cleaver
While I’m still here,waiting for my beloved StormWeaver.

I should just quit and maybe get a real life and job
Instead of playing when I was supposed to walk out my Bulldog.

Our money is like liquid made for only watering…
Don’t worry as TacticSoft will keep us all still gathering!

The premium pack has been possessed and is filled with denial
May all these boxes be blessed by a Purifier!

Our builds are what you would call "creation"
Too bad they will meet one more Annihilation.

While they also have another game,Battle DAWN
SuperMechs has become just a NIGHT Fall.

You thought SM flies as high as an seagull?
In fact,it goes as high as just another Night Eagle.

I expected a warm game and had nothing but starvation
As these drop rates hold my constant feel of Desolation.

So now,until this game ends up with a cremation
I guess I will have to keep playing this Abomination…

There is no salvation!

Writing this has made me hungry;wait for I’ll be back.
I will open a box and eat a really “epic” Snack!

As I sit down and eat my Snack,I Murmur:
I want a lucky mech but they removed the color purple…

And as I sit back watching a few top replays
I can’t play the arena due to all of these delays.

With all these smurfs around,this fact I won’t deny:
You might use a Heron Mark but you’ll still not fly.

I need a saviour,TacticSoft,please send me an angel!
“Do not worry,everyone,we have the Avenger”.

Fuel pack is way too low but actually legit!
Using that,I can farm one more Power Kit.

I hope my little poem meets all the criteria
Otherwise I shall unleash the Hysteria.

And about this contest,
I really want to win but all I can do is hope
Even so,this poem blasts the competition like a Flaming Scope.



Year 6784 two universes is about to collapse so that 5 universes come together to stop this catapult all right but the Celestials came a very old race with the power to destroy planets in minutes

After the battle of the champions ended I decided to leave the planet earth and start a new life … a life without having to do with the Super Z project so I retired after seeing so many traumatic things and seeing my comrades die Krek’s hands could not stand it, so the best thing I could have done in the last 150 years was to retire …

April 4/19/6784

While watching TV so relaxed in the news appeared that 2 universes were about to collapse I was surprised nobody knew the reason but at that very moment the organization Super Mechs called me the “President”

“Wep”: We need your help we learned that the Celestial race tries to collapse one of the most important universes to be able to conquer the planet earth

I annoyed told him “I do not want to have to do with any of this you know yourself because!”

“Wep: You are an Interceptor you signed! you can not do anything but obey direct orders from your president! a plane will take you to planet X after that they will give you the information of your mission and they will give you your mech”

I was so upset that I broke a wall of my house but I knew that I could not do anything besides with 150 years I would have to be dead packing and I said goodbye to my sweet home
(This story will continue)

Super Mechs Universal War:

First name:En el planeta X

After talking to the president I went to planet X a desert place where only war marks …

First day

When I landed, I went directly to talk to Colonel L4 and he told me this …

"L4 good as you know a Celestial is about to destroy 2 universes so we do not have a lot of time to talk … Your mission is to open up the Kreet fleet and bring down its space station, we need that internal nucleus … then of that you will return to Planet X "

While I was listening to what I had to do, I just kept thinking … “What does that have to do with the 2 universes that are about to collapse and why steal a nucleus !?”

so I told him that … and as he always told me it’s confidential

Day 2
After talking to the Colonel

I went to the workshop to get my wonderful T30

“Mechanic Good since you’ve been in Cryogenics for 50 years, there were quite a few changes in the Mech Zs. An example is yours. Now you have good titan technology. Say hello to your T50!”

I saw it and it seemed strange to me I could not do anything …

2 hours later…

After training I started getting ready to leave the planet and Colonel Avia came …

“L4 Well since you’re not going to go alone you will need an ally and he’s ready to go, you’ll meet him tomorrow”

After he told me that, it seemed like a good idea to go fight with a Kreet battle fleet

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100% True Story: Does anyone know a good locksmith?

This is a true story of the most bloody HORROR-filled day in my life. It was midnight, and I decided to challenge myself to do the most boring thing imaginable. I thought of many different activities I could do… watching paint dry? Or how about staring at a wall for 12 hours? I thought hard about what I should try… then I got it… I will play Supermechs! With this plan in mind, I went on my laptop and decided to log into Supermechs. I noticed the version number being different than the time I previously loaded up the game.

“Oh no, what did they do this time?”, I thought to myself. I logged in, and it says there’s a new item portal. The item name? “Devil’s Deal”. I thought nothing of it, but when I tried exiting the News page, I heard a strange mumbling sound. I’m pretty sure it was the wind, so I then carried on with the regular portal routine. Normal difficulty… done. Hard difficulty… done. I got tired afterwards, so I decided to rest my head on my desk a bit, while also trying to complete Insane difficulty.

When I entered Insane difficulty, everything seems to have changed. The enemies seem to be scattered in what looks like a pentagram, and there was a demonic laughter coming from my speakers. This is strange, as I’m sure I left the sound and music off. I proceeded to beat the minions (each of them had 666 HP) and then meet the boss. It was a red RAMBOY (first boss) named RAMDEVIL! It had around 6000 HP, heat and energy. Needless to say… I lost. But when I lost, it told me that my soul belongs to him now, and then a scary demon face popped up!

I then woke up, sweating from my extremely SCARY (!!!) nightmare. I see now that I’m logged out from Supermechs, with the login screen still in front of me. I logged in to complete the Insane mission for the “Devil’s Deal” item portal, but the portal was no longer there! In fact, there was no News page regarding this at all. “Was it all a dream?”, I asked myself. I decided to just go to sleep, as I don’t feel well after that extremely SCARY nightmare. I went to my bed and pulled the blankets, and there it is… a red RAMDEVIL figure staring at me! I freaked out and screamed while running out of my room. While running, I tripped on the staircase and fell. I ended up with bruises all over my body. Fighting through the pain, I stood back up and saw not one… but SIX (!) RAMDEVIL figures staring at me, all from the top of the staircase.

I decided to stop running and take on the RAMDEVIL figures, so I took a potato sack and tossed each RAMDEVIL figure into the sack. I thought I was done after capturing six, but then I saw one more on the toilet, so I took that one too. I then dumped the bag of RAMDEVILs outside my house, and locked the door. I was all relieved, so I decided to look into the mirror. That’s when I realized that the RAMDEVILs were me and now I’m completely locked out of my house!!!

So if anyone knows a good locksmith in the area, I would really appreciate it.



Long ago in a distant browser, it was a game called super mechs, a wonderful game, loved by everyone, a game in which everyone had the chance to become a top player and a game where everything you needed to become better was hard work and strategy, a place where legendary and mythical items fell out of the boxes, a place where you could choose what kind of parts to buy, a place where developers were active on the forum and chat, and their names were distinctive ,everything was perfect until one day, a day when everything changed, the great update, when overnight we found that all our work was in vain, that all our items are useless now, and all we could get for our items were some power kits, we have accepted that, we tried to get up again, from ash like phoenix, but the new updates make it harder for us to fight, so many of us give up, gave up, each day, so if you see players who hate super mechs, do not blame them, they have reasons.

Maybe I’m a fool who dreams that this game will be as before, maybe I’m nostalgic, know that times are changing and we can not turn back time, all I want is that today players get a piece of old super mechs, and I do not refer to a legacy item I refer to the game experience, I can not describe that feeling,I could not wait to wake up and play super mechs, every game was a challenge, every match was a test, I do not write this to blame the developers, I write this to remind that it’s always room for Improving, but the kind of upgrades that bring super mechs back to the top.i m still waiting
this is not a fairy tale, it’s reality.



Mikkel woke up at 5:23, sharp, as always. He leaped from his cot and, as he got onto his feet, glanced at a screen on the wall, depicting transitioning images of the new cadets of the IDA (International Defense Academy), the organization responsible for defending the Earth after it was invaded by external forces countless decades ago. Yet after all their work, the alien scourge still remained on the planet.

IDA. The meer thought of it caused him great anguish. It had been 6 years since he was exiled. It had been 6 years since he was sent through a warp to the deep jungle of Scavenger’s Pass to fend for himself or die. 6 years since he had been betrayed by his allies. 6 years. All for that fateful mission.

“It’s all in the past,” he murmured to himself. Yet he couldn’t shake the feelings of disgust and hatred for the IDA. Taking a deep breath, he expelled his thoughts into his mind, stored away until later. Proceeding through his morning routines without much afterthought, he stepped into his hangar.

Upon entry, one would immediately notice the glorious Zarkares DaP13 model, specifically tweaked to cater the needs of his mech and painted a vibrant, almost overly jubilant, hue of yellow in contrast to the dull, steel grey walls of the hangar. Taking a further look would result in the observation of a wealth of high damage, blood-red, assault weaponry mounted onto the mech, among them being the utilitarian NightFall GUA18, the “Mercy” HIRs 6, and the rare Spartan Carnage APMG7.

Directly adjacent to the first mech was a heat mech painted a deceivingly jolly shade of green. It to was equipped with high-damage weapons, most notably “Reckoning” HIRs 6 and the “Supreme Cannon". Mikkel made a side note in his mind to repaint his 2nd mech later.

By standard of mech pilots, he always kept a small area sectioned off in his hangar for spare parts and scrap.

As he glanced into the space, he recognized his first Tier 5 torso, Interceptor JCH 7, specialized for the surrounding jungle environment. Sadly, after the torso’s release, defects in the metal caused its hull to warp and thin, resulting in the changing of the composition of the armor. This granted the torso with lightweight capabilities yet cursed it with extremely weak armor. Rarely any pilot ever used the Interceptor model anymore.

Assembling his thoughts, slipping into the sleeves of his vest, and clutching his heavy backpack, Mikkel headed towards the hangar door and opened it, grasping a large, heavy lever. The early morning sun was peaking over the trees, into the rocky valley where he had set up his base, and bathed him in its warmth. It’s time to cause some havoc upon the IDA, Mikkel thought with a smile.

Mikkel’s mech weaved through the thick jungle with ease. He knew the jungle by now and followed the paths that he had cleared long ago. He had always traveled through this certain path when planning raids and attacks on the IDA.

As the trees parted, Mikkel approached the deforested area of Scavenger’s Pass. He immediately noticed the small outpost guarded by light scout mechs. His NightFall would tear through their armor effortlessly.

He deployed his drone, the standard issue Void RAI 5, and prepared to engage the small base.

The NightFall whirred-up, seconds away from firing a barrage of high caliber rounds. The Spartan Carnage was performing likewise.

Mere milliseconds later, Mikkel was satisfied as he heard the iconic sound of bullets pounding and tearing through weak hulls. The two scouts fired their Royal Launchers FPMs with minimal use, barely denting his mech’s armor.

The first pilot ejected in time before his mech would be destroyed, however, the second pilot was caught in the inferno and explosion of his ruptured fuel tank as the NightFall’s bullets finally reached it.

In under 30 seconds, he had disposed of the two singular scouts. Mikkel expected no more. He reached the outpost and exited his mech, slinging his worn plasma rifle over his shoulder in case he needed it.

He burst through the doors, pleased to find that the staff of the building were all too willing to have him liberate their gold reserves. As he saw the glimmer of the golden coins in the strongbox which held the facility’s money, he concluded that this was a successful raid.

Unbeknownst to Mikkel, one of the researchers had fled into the lab, clutching his personal tablet.

“It’s him again! The one with the gold and red mech! Please send help. Send in at least a Rank 2 to dispose of him!” The man panted frantically.

“We’re warping a pilot to your location right away,” A calm voice responded.

The researcher smiled. The thief would get what he deserved. The man was sick and tired of that young man waltzing around Scavenger Pass, plundering and attacking the IRA’s facilities. It was high time for him to face an equal.

Mikkel left the building and walked towards his mech as he was holding the strongbox when he heard the distinctive sound of a warp.

He instinctively flipped around to look upon the warp’s source. The action had saved his life.

A crimson, burning laser burst scorched the earth where he stood seconds ago. Sorrow, he realized. A mech had just arrived, straight from the IDA.

The mech towered above him, the menacing Brutality torso’s viewport gleaming with what seemed to be only describable as pure rage.

Instantly, Mikkel ran to his mech and entered it via the elevator in the left leg. It’s a good thing I installed that. He had designed it years ago, and it had proven to be more than useful.

Getting a feel of the controls, Mikkel regained his confidence. He noted that the mech consisted of a seldom-used Terror Blade Mk. II, the feared Crimson Rapture FS3, the infamous Magma Blast RPU2, and the recently used Sorrow.

He was in for a good fight.

Mikkel immediately deployed his drone, followed by the whir and firing of the Spartan Carnage. As to counter this the heat mech activated its shield, a rare, developmental technology. Of course, they would eventually figure out how to bind shields to mechs.

The shield only reduced some of the damage, but it still provided a pestilence to the destruction of the mech.

Mikkel kept firing the NightFall and Spartan Carnage at regular intervals, occasionally firing his Mercy when the mech got too close. However, he knew it was a losing battle.

The pilot was slowly moving away from denting his armor to targetting his heat engines, using his Terror Blade and Crimson Rapture whenever he could. He knew it was only a matter of time before he was perma-overheated. His cockpit was overheating, currently at 40°C above normal temperature. He was feeling lightheaded.

Then, when was weakened the most, the mech fired its Magma Blast. The last thing he heard before everything went black was an head-splitting boom as the heavy rocket hit his cockpit head-on.

Time Passes

Mikkel awoke in a hospital bed. The bright lamps overhead caused him to squint, but his eyes eventually adapted to the sudden increase of light. Upon analyzing his surroundings, he recognized that he was in the IDA Hospital room.

“Welcome back, Mikkel,” a voice boomed.

Mikkel turned to his left and saw a man in the doorway. He wore a suit and was reviewing the contents of the strongbox Mikkel had stolen earlier.

“Wh-who are you?” Mikkel rasped,”and why am I not dead?” The man smiled. He closed the strongbox and adjusted his crimson tie as he faced Mikkel.

“I am the head of the IDA and de facto leader of the Northern hemisphere. You may call me the Director from now on.” The Director voiced. “There is a reason why you did not die. You almost did, actually. That would have severely inconvenienced my plans. Luckily, we have a fantastic medical staff here at the IDA.” The man’s voice was smooth and calm, despite the fact that the rage that boiled in Mikkel was about to surface was easily noticeable.

“You left me to die. You left me in the hands of the invaders. I had nowhere else to go. Now would you care to suggest why whatever you have planned for me would undo all that pain?” The venom and hatred were obvious in Mikkel’s voice.

The Director was silent.

"I cannot undo the past, but I need you. The world needs you,” The man seemed to ignore the words that just came out of Mikkel’s mouth,”I’ve selected you to form part of an elite team of pilots to take down the alien scourge. If you are successful, I will grant your acceptance back into the IDA.”

Mikkel paused. What shall I do? I can’t just openly join his team. . . there has to be a hitch. Hell, I’m ready. One little risk that may end your life can very well be better than staying safe and living this life of monotony and pilfering. This may not undo what happened 6 years ago, but it’s a start.

“I accept,” Mikkel voiced.

The Director smiled.

“Welcome to the IDA Elites, Mikkel. Let’s get started.”


                               **_The Last Patrol_**

It was only a moment, but that moment seemed to stretch into eternity as Harkness finally saw his enemy clearly. His mind raced even as his hands flew over the controls of his dying mech. How did this happen? Even as he fought for his very life, he couldn’t stop the thought as it ran circles in his adrenaline- filled brain. How could this happen? It was supposed to be a routine patrol… a milk run! Time slowed as he remembered…

He’d only been out of basic for a couple months. As part of Draft number Beta Four, he’d been one of almost a dozen new recruits that arrived under the noon sun at Sticks Outpost. That hadn’t been its official name, of course; but everyone that mattered called it that, so Sticks it was, whatever proper protocol might say. He clearly remembered the first time he saw his mech - all shiny and new, but oh so small! - Compared to the others in the garage, that is. Being the youngster that he was, full of bravado and untested courage, he’d immediately requested to go out on a real mission. That false sense of readiness had lasted maybe 2 seconds… before the commanding lieutenant had ordered him straight to the sims for yet more training he thought he’d left behind.

It’d been a long 2 weeks, but the glowing sense of satisfaction he’d felt as the commandant assigned him his first real mission had been worth every second. Sure, a simple patrol mission didn’t seem like much - especially since recent orders from command meant he had to have a partner at all times - but he was finally going out there, where the enemy was. He’d been desperate to do something, anything that just might mean he could actually do what he came here for - that he could make a difference somehow. That sense of naïveté had lasted for maybe 5 patrols… by which time the utter routine and boredom of regular patrolling had turned his sense of determination into something closer to apathy than he’d have admitted to anyone.

He never even saw the enemy mech before it fired. Tendrils of shimmering energy had rammed into his machine, clawing at its vitals and nearly overloading his reactor safeties before he even had time to process the danger. Then the endless hours of training took over as he found himself in a fight for life against an implacable enemy. He was dimly aware of Lieutenant Mayhew’s massive autocannons blazing away in the background, but neither had time for conversation. Harkness caught a glimpse of a contact on his sensors and fired instantly. White-hot plasma flashed out, probing the darkness for his enemy, but he didn’t get a chance to admire his handiwork as more energy game boiling in right back at him, and alarms screamed as his reactor’s circuits overloaded and went into automatic shutdown. He heard a distant cry of pain over the com, but who it belonged to he didn’t know as he brought up auxiliary power and continued fighting desperately. He let loose a barrage of rockets from his shoulder launcher, firing using the weapon’s own backup power capacitors, and suddenly the haze of ECM obscuring his sensors faltered and he finally saw his enemy. His eyes bulged as he processed the data on his screen - he’d never seen weapons like that before! - when a barrage of grenades came back at him, staggering his mech and throwing him against the straps of his shock frame. His mind blurred as he struggled to bring his failing systems to bear…

His eyes snapped back into focus as he pulled himself out of his daze and back to terrifying reality. Memories were forgotten as his hands flew over controls, searching in near desperation for a way to end this fight before his enemy could end him. His fingers stabbed down on a control stud and rockets flared as a harpoon cable flew suddenly out of his mech’s torso. But his enemy had been expecting the move, and Harkness choked in horror as his enemy disappeared in a flash of light. He instantly reappeared however, and the hail of glittering blue energy hardly faltered. Harkness cried out as a sudden explosion shook his mech violently - a fuel cell! It had to be - and at that moment he knew he was dead. But even as his mind processed the inevitability of his demise, something inside of him refused to give up, even now. He inputted commands at desperate speed, and afterburners glowed in sudden fury as his mech sped towards the seemingly invincible juggernaut that was his enemy. Both mechs reeled in collision, and Harkness pressed his momentary advantage even as his mech fell to pieces around him. Alarms wailed and his display flashed as power surged through his mech’s systems, but he no longer had time for something as unimportant as survival. He brought up his short-range cannon’s targeting display, and bared his teeth as his enemy burned bright red in his sights. He fired… and the world went white around him.

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