Stop this farce!

Stop this farce!
Why every update is more tight!?
Why you removed the boxes in the missions !!!??
Every day, a large number of players withdrew because of this restriction.
This is not in your favor and will not serve you…


Well, i really hope it’s a bug when you coded the update… Because i agree with algerianno, with the things staying like this, it’s your ultimate move to kill the game. I understand you’re working and you deserve some income, but if you kill the only way for free player to get stuff there won’t be enough player to keep an interest in the game. So we forgive you for the mistake but you should really hurry up to fix this.


Yes and we can’t win fortune box anymore it looks like.


WTF, @Algerianno, do you mean to tell me that Big Boy no longer drops ANY boxes???


Opportunity to get the Box has become less than 25%

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how to (flagged) report it?

I had written something but I removed it myself by a mistake … the same … before today’s update, how many coins did the insane BB give? the same?

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It seems to be happening over and over lately.
The best way to get people to leave a game site, piss them off over and over.

They just made it so playing campain isn’t even worth it at all anymore…
At least getting fusible garbage helps, maybe force them all to go to unclaimed so we can open them when we choose and not only when we get locked out of inventory.

With every NEW change here it’s only getting worse instead of better.

Sure some constant randomly scheduled Unicorny type maps would be good to make up for this new mess we’ve been given but it seems I’m being nudged closer to the exit door every update.
Not getting anything worthy from campaign put me in the category why bother coming here at all anymore after years of playing.


the results of the update for me: 4 BB mission - zero boxes, 7 silver boxes bought and draining its content in one myth without improving. 28 minutes spent waiting holding 6 fights, zero boxes. Daily quest completed and I went to spend time in the real world, presumably until the next quest, because to do something in the current version - only to be upset and waste of my time.
Let SMteam eat their tokens themselves and washed down with fuel campaign.