Stop moving us down ranks


in the supermechs the league is 7 days and depending on how you did you are rewarded you are also moved down 3 ranks and a really don’t like this because the players that you where versing in you rank before you where moved also come with you and because of this a cant get out of rank 5 and a will say there is a lot of others having this issue. so please make supermechs notice this and it can be stopped


I really think that it is not very good the idea of ​​taking away 3 ranks you can run into stronger people from the more advanced ranks and it is not a good idea that happens to you that I think it would be better if they did not lower you in rank


i only got moved down 1 rank


do you like going down ranks. that’s the point of this


Its fine the way it is


it is easy to get back up


ex-plane why it is fine they way it is


what rank are you???


inbetween 5 and 2


and if you only got moved down 1 your lucky i got moved down 3


so you like to be moved down ether way


no it is easy to get back


so you don’t like being moved down


i live between rank 4-6/7
your complain is nonsense
this is a motivation for players to be active
if u dont win enought stars u get down, its simple
do u think would be ok reach rank 1 and then get that reward every week without doing anything? probably yes because you r complaining about
just dont be lazy the game is trying to be better and this is a good feature, or u preffer someone that only played once per week get better rewards?


you make a very good point im in 6, 5,4 should not have said that it deserves to terminated. but i hate that i get moved down 3 ranks every 7 days i am a very active player and i wish it was only 1 rank i was moved down


then easy as pie dude
win 5 battles every day and stop
if u keep battling and losing u wont get enought to keep ur rank
also try to play when there r more than 300 players and probably u wont face any too op for ur level
also last 2 days best players r already up so u can try to get a better rank with best balanced battles and keep winning stars
try this and tell me if it worked x ya next friday


im in rank 4 in vsing people in rank 1 btw i have never been in rank 1


sorry i got a little angry


its ok
also its common face 1-3 rank players on rank 6-5 first days