Stop allowing legacy items

There is still a big advantage to be gained from using shields, 1kg teleport, double teleport, etc.

Please stop allowing old players to use items that new players cannot use.


maybe i shouldn’t have converted mine :confused:

Through out in old system many ppl wanted 1 kg teleport without making new a/c.
I think dev will remove it after some time may be next year or may not.

You should vote on this topic.
Whether keep or not

1 kg teleport is very useful for my mech, and these two push weapon is good too.

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Blow back 5 knockback is really good item if pair with energy mech nice.

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But, in this, there is few items that aren’t “Reloaded” atm…why not making them unusable WHEN there is new version out ? (like what I think they did for the Death Punch…)

But it could be more work for devs to collect data about what are most used kinds of legacy items ?

Devs know everything how pilot’s using legacy items. They’re planning to keep this few item around. This item dont make much difference though sometime it is really useful to have in battle.