Steel Glass torso

A new torso!!. So okay I had this idea of a really cool torso.

  • 1000 power
  • 600 hp
  • 70 regeneration
  • 70 cooling
  • 10 exp resist
  • 10 pys resist
  • 25 ele resist
  • 400 weight
  • 320 energy
  • 300 heat
    Ability= + 20 exp resist
    + 20 pys resist
    + 20 ele resist
    + 325 energy
    + 315 heat
    If under 350 Hp.
    You choose the upgrade range.

What is 1000 power? Also, the Regen is WAAAAAY too low even for Interceptor at max mythical, same for the cooling it’s supremely low. Amazingly low Resistances but very high electrical resistance, why is that? Also 250 energy cap is decent, 125 heat cap is again, supremely low even for Avenger at max legendary.

But the ability WOULD compensate a bit for it’s supremely low stats, but where the heck is the +50 energy Regen or +44 cooling? Also even if under 200 HP you’ll die whatever you choose.

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Maybe the stats he created is for

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Hmm… If pre-loaded, yeah that’s the strongest torso ever, but weighs lower than God Mode or Hellfire Armor, so increase that weight.

But, look at the date he created that, so it’s like kinda impossible for us to think it’s for pre-loaded don’t cha’ think?

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Read it again I edited it.

Yes! Now that’s better! But 500kg would make it useless, make it 405 - 430 weight.

Lol, you really made it 430 xp

any other suggestions? and tell me what the upgrade range should be

You don’t need to add 1000 power because it increases everytime you upgrade.

Hmm… So this is an energy based torso right? Well, the extreme energy stats say it anyways.

My last suggestions to make it SM valid are :

Turn 550 HP into 600 HP.
Turn 400 heat to 320 heat.
Turn 300 energy to 320 energy.
Turn 5 Explosive res. into 12.
Turn 5 Physical res. into 15.
Turn 30 Electrical res. into 22 - 26.
Weight is 399.

For the abilities :

+20 Physical res. into +12.
+20 Electrical res. into +8.
+20 Explosive res. into +15.
+50 energy into 60 energy.
+100 heat into 65 heat.
If under 350 HP, you choose upgrade range.

Also 1000+ power needed for upgrading instead of the regular.

That is a very…DUMB Idea !!!

If everyone says no then no.


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First of all,the stats are terrible (and they’re also up to the devs).
Second of all,what point has a thread about a torso if it includes no image of the actual torso!?
Third of all,What is this:

I think you’re on the wrong forum…If you’re lost,please,feel free to ask for directions :slight_smile: