Steel Glass legs. Extra with Steel Glass torso

Fits nicely with the Steel Glass torso.

  • 500 power
  • 250 Hp
  • 300 weight
  • 2 walking
  • 2 Jumping
  • 1 range
  • 100- 164 dmg
  • 3 knock back
    Ability=+ 200 dmg
    + 5 Knock back
    + 300 Hp
    + 1 walking
    + 3 jumping
    When used with Steel Glass torso

Hell no, that’s like teleport.


Are you new to the forums? You are just giving dumb ideas which don’t mean at all. Stop spamming in the forums. And my answer is NOT AT ALL…


Well I did not ask for your answer anyways

Ok. Now tell me when I claimed that you have asked me to answer lol. I gave my statement. And don’t give such dumb ideas again. Your ideas don’t mean at all. You have a very poor imagination here. So, stop spamming our brains. If you think that I’m the only one saying this ask the whole community about it and the talk to me u kid…

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dude… this are somewhat trashy stats… specially with the hp and weight give… the jump is also weird… 3 jump?! lol i thought only wheels had 3 mobility!
also… focus on

what is power? you dont need to mention this

If you’re willing to post, also be willing to get criticized. Geez, aint sum1 proud

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i have no idea what this idea is saying

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Same here, all I know is someone got really triggered…

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like tbh the stats contradict each other…

we dont need to know this, all items have the same fusion power (according to tier and lvl)


this is already trash… tbh this is just as bad or even worst than grave digger’s hp


too much, this is even HEAVIER THAN THE CLAW! to be precise is twice as heavy… for some trashy stats (all of em)


…what kind of legs let you walk 2 spaces? i’d understand if you put 3 walking and no jumping if this was a wheel leg but is not, and 2 walking is a bit of a lazyman’s tactic of not having to use certain movement mods… but with this weight we might as well let this one pass


ok… what was the point of the 2 walking then? you literally just made the walking useless


FINALLY! a normal stat!


what kind of trash dmg is worth 300 weight?! pff this is a suicide leg


… dude… if it has 3 knock back… the movement is trashier than it used to be, you push your enemy 3 spaces and only move 2? in hopes of what? waiting that your enemy will gently place himself in stomping place?


… this would mean that the 100-164 dmg would be suddenly 300-314… decent compared to other weapons that are close range… but stronger than grave diggers! ehh the weight is still trash, the knock back does make the stomp 300+ hits useless


… so the knock back is not what? 8? so now the 300+ dmg of the stomp is REALLY useless… also this is still trash… including dmg, weight knock back, movement and this all together…


so the hp is now 550? ok this is better than iron boot’s hp but… you forgot something… THE weight is TrAsH your better off equipping iron Boots


so now 3 walking…
we have wheels for a reason… and guess what? they have less weight


so now you have 5 jumping? are you serious! did you even think about the stats when you were like "oh imma make a cool name for a new item and i’ll give it random stats!"
answer: you didn’t
the 5 jumping is pretty good but! this would really not help too much since the weight is… 300… your better off equipping a teleport instead of this to get 5 ranges away/closer from where you are

14th so in general the ability makes the new stats:
hp: 550 (good except for the weight… terrible, this legs have less hp than the claw and weight twice as much! smh)
300 weight (… buddy… waht were you thinking?)
3 walking and 5 jumping (… again this would be good… if the weight wasn’t so much!
1 range (finally that normal stat again!)
300-364 dmg (pretty high for legs… but not worth it since the weight is 300!)
and… 8 knockback… (this would be only good if you equipped 2 flaming scopes or 2 lightning scopes… but still trash due to THE WEIGHT)

oh wait… i forgot the biggest down side of this legs… no is not the weight
you’ll see


so… your telling me that these already horrible stats are only getting somewhat decent compared to the weight if you are equipping the other item that you created? that hints is also terrible alongside this one… that one is somewhat fixable (or not, im pretty sure i may be wrong in it having hopes to be fixed)
dude… this item is the opposite of what we need in SM… this mah friend really shows me that you need some more thinking before spamming useless ideas on the forums…

also i dont really care if your going to be triggered at what i just said about your ideas cause lets be honest… once YOU (emphasis) post an idea the rest of the players that may be in the forums get to say what they think about it, even if you didn’t like what they said, most of the people in here (including me) have more knowledge of what a balanced item would look like, i can tell that you really dont pay attention to how your ideas may sound but please if your ever going to spam stuff again, at least make it worth looking at cause this item is originally trash and after the boost is still trash

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:joy::joy::joy: I thought of the meme of obama about the comeback and not using it bc it would destroy the person’s will to live LOL but u said it anyways!

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wait what Obama meme?