Stats for farming insane BB


What is the recommended setup for my mech to farm insane BB? I’ve been doing it several times but this dude keeps destroying me.

Pls halp

And if there’s a post anywhere that holds the answer to this question, please link it to me.


No energy, myth weapons, and over 400 heat.


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Ditch energy for a ton of hp and good heat stats. I wouldn’t recommend using auto-play, but if you do make sure you don’t equip anything you don’t want the AI to use. (For example: It uses Repulsor constantly, for no reason. So don’t take it with you.)

That being said, Mission 6 on Overlord’s Den is easy to auto-play on insane with just about any mech, and gives like 85-90% of the rewards for 75% of the price. So I’d recommend using it instead, and farming Ramboy for fortune boxes.


For energy 2100hp+ (for autoplay 2300) maxed weapon like malice beam, hysteria and last words and high heat capacity (400~450 minimum)


Nah dont farm bb…
farm level 6.