Starting everything again

due to a mysterious bug, i have lost my original account so i´m starting to make a new account.
(my other acount had the claw, mercy, abomination, two sparked runners, a archimonde, iron frenzy and 7 fully maxed myths)

Did you try PM Sarah about it?

Why are we losing acc’s?
Holly fuq Tactisoft can you just save us?

nope, too lazy
(and also my other account had terrible builds so i´m starting a new one)

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my new ultra op build

Oof that is the new build.
10/10 ‘‘would use it’’

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Are you sure no one got your username and password?


This text will be blurred

You should be real careful with your new account as you may find it gone too in time for having multiple accounts.
In my opinion you should be able to have as many as you want but the TS is pissy about it in their TOS.

Good Luck!

Don’t even wanna try recorvering?

That’s a brave one.

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