Starting a new account

I am not sure. I know that most government agencies around the world must have standard levels of protection. Supermechs probably doesn’t. The internet is generally a gray area, and cannot be controlled by a certain set of laws.

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Thanks. I actually started a new account, but its going well so far! I was able to open a premium pack at the start, and got the combo of physicals. I got Annihilation at the start, with night fall. And, yeah. A long time ago, was that about 2 or 3 years ago? I had one of the same problems. 2 Years ago, I started an account called “Leonidas,” Which, hint hint, was taken when I played the Bakugan Battle Brawler for the Wii. Then I haven’t played for a solid year. Then I try to log onto it, it says that there is no account. So I do believe most people who were offline during these times must have lost accounts from the big change. And thanks again, thats very kind of you :slight_smile:

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if you did not, why did you even mention it?

If you have given someone ur user and password he can switch the mech in 2 mins, or else he might have randomly tried out suernames and password and got hold of your account

You got this problem by linking your account to facebook/google play? If yes i think i cna help.

I meant I don’t care if you put any hate or other types of things in the comments like “this is not my business, its yours,” or any other ways of putting hate.

I used to have it on my phone. Now I don’t have it on my phone anymore, so… yeah.

take it like a great chance of being better
i gift my old acc & started a new1, so yeah i know its hard start over, but its fun too, so dont worry just be positive & re adapt to this
unless u paid money on ur old acc in that case claim x a deal with TS


LOOOL :joy:
Now I know what happened with you and your account!

You are the one who was trying to scam people in chat with the ‘you need free tokens’ lines and giving away a link to a malicious site. And then you came here to complain.