Starting a new account

So… I have asked help from Tactisoft and some support, but they couldn’t help me. Its not that I am mad, but I am just sad. I know many of you don’t really care that my account got reset, but I honestly think that its corrupted. I used to be rank 9 at level 78, but now because of the corruption, I started a new account. I guess resetting and restarting is a part of life you can never avoid. Its gotta happen to ya at some point. But… I did start a new account, with the same identity as [Vipers Prey] Kn0Tn0YT. I guess that also means I will have to change my profile picture to the mech I now have. You guys can give me all the crap and hate comments on how its my problem and not yours, but do I care? No. I just have to get used to the feeling of… depression I get when all of that progress I made is now corrupted. Now I am aware that the person who has took my mech is still out there, and I would like it if he would be banned. Maybe even delete that mech so he has to start over. But, really, its something that can’t be avoided. Bad things happen to us human beings, but looking at the bright side. Making mistakes and other bad things can help you become a better person. If you have read up all the way up to this point, please do not put any type of hate on our beloved game owner. He really tried his best to support us and to have fun.


I feel sorry for you

Perhaps it’s time to start afresh in doing something else or in the least in a new game?

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To be honest, you are talking about some of your died in a car accident. I’m not trying to offend you, just saying you are kinda too emotional.

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Also welcome to the forum! :grinning:


lol, you actually expected something other than being crapped on by the game owner, hahaha too funny

lol feel bad for u at the same thing this is your opportunity
Start on a new game and try that

What kind of corruption?

I don’t know. The dude who did it seemed to have switched my mech with his.

LoL. You gave out your user and password to someone or what?

No. I didn’t give him my username and password.

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This is very interesting. If you know the name of the person, it would not be hard to track them down and report them. I see no reason to why he would have not responded, as it is a potential security threat for everyone in the game.

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How did they do this? If you really didn’t give away your information, this is either:

-A whole new tier of hacking that has gotten into Supermechs
-An exploit of some sort

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This kind of hacking would consume lots of time and resources, it would be better to attack better game like cs:go or overwatch(i think)

Hello! In forums of other games I have read that there is a way of hacking that is to impersonate the identity, that is, steal your account without having given your password to anyone.

Anyway, even if you had given your account in good faith to someone, I support you 100%. I have always said, a thief is a thief, it does not matter if you were careless with your account or not.

This is what TS says that if you have given your password, then they don´t take responsibility, it’s just a way to wash hands. Whistle and look the other way. You have a thief at home and you do nothing.

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I feel sorry for you man…
I also had an account long ago that somehow,one day,wouldn’t let me log in.
I contacted TS on Facebook and they said that accound doesn’t exist…
Good thing it was a noobish acc,mostly epic tier but hey,it ain’t alright for accounts to just vanish in thin air like that…
I feel you brother!
You invest time,maybe money,you give your interest and,in my case,even modify your schedule to make some time for SM everyday,somehow…
I truly feel you little brother…It’s just too bad that this kind of inconveniences have to happen.
Good luck on your fresh start and be careful from now on.Remember to link your new account to either TS or Facebook.
I’m rooting for ya matey :wink:

Plus…Do not worry,we wouldn’t do such a thing as posting hate about this.
We,in this community,are all even.We gotta support eachother in times of need.
Remember that you are one of us and we will help you however we can.
Sure,it’s a sad day for you…But look,you still have all of us right beside ya buddy!

hhuuuuhhhhh??? :face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Actually, it is relatively easy to break into a low-security password system (like supermechs). It just takes a person who is willing to waste their time to make others miserable.

Are there no established standards of minimum security requirements?