Star Knights Now Recruiting

Star Knights Clan needs more people, we are a clan that only accepts those at or above rank 21. This is a clan that wants members to actually play the game. So people who join and then quit playing will be removed. We want people with powerful builds, up-and-comers, and those with unique ideas.


Good luck recruiting ! :wink:
Also , welcome to the forums :smile:

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Welcome to the forum


may I join? rank 15 builds


umm maybe no with one person in clan

Lemme continue the loop

taken from my brother’s account because im too lazy to switch accounts, yes he was using my computer

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We have in fact just removed rank barriers and anyone can now join.

Yes I would love for you to join. Your mechs look very powerful.

why is my sceen shot there

I was continuing the loop.

I am not interested in joining, but I wish to welcome you to the forum. It’s awesome that you are attempting to establish a clan! I did this with ITS ON LIKE DONKEY KONG 3 weeks ago, and we now have a rank average of 13.
I wish you all the best, hope to see you around!

I would like to join and really help people of this clan. But I have made the foolish promise that I will never change clans again. Here is my first mech.

can i join

Yes, you may absolutely join.

Well, if you were ever to decide to break that promise you would always be welcome.

ok i am going to search star knights and see if it pops up

btw whts Your username

My username is General Lacasa.

So I would like to join the clan, but I would have to once again betray my clan, who I have promised to not leave. But with a team of youtubers, It should be worth it.

Mission complete. Permission granted from clan leader. Clan successfully joined.