Squad management


how am i supposed to find a certain squad here to disband, merge, or edit squad without having to go through every single one?
how about a system that allows you to make changes and selections by just clicking on the squad in the world?

btw, this was somewhat similar to Muha’s thread, but his was about selection of certain squads in a moving army (its already possible to select certain squads in a standing army, so this topic isn’t the same thing)

  • yes
  • no and i have a very valid reason, which i wrote down below

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Don’t name all your squads 111? :stuck_out_tongue:

(Fr tho we need somethin like that)


if not 111 they would all be called spam or whatever you chose to call them, though carter.

it’s a nice suggestion


Senatus voted yes on this. it has to go through. @Alexander plz


Name your squads better and there is zero issue :wink:

I run into the situation sometimes as well. But I simply sit there and think to myself “damn it Josh… you idiot.”


that solution might work for you but for me, it wouldnt. if i sit and thing “damn it Josh… you idiot” it wont make sense as im not Josh. any better suggestions?


oh wow. you voted no.

what would you suggest i name my squads then?


Jihad 1,2,3 and so on works fine for me :slight_smile:
(jk please dont ban me)


I voted no purely because i don’t think it’s a necessary feature. Yes, would make things nicer, but I think we could easily utilize efforts elsewhere and could fix this ourselves with a little bit of planning ahead.

I also run into this issue where I have 10 squads labelled “AT” or “anti spam” etc. If it comes down to it though, if I have to begin splitting squads up, I just start numbering them. AT 1, AT 2, AT 3 etc. And if you want to organize your squads differently based on how you have them grouped together, you can change the labeling to start with a number like, 1 AT, 2 AT, 3 AT (this way, if you wanted an AV squad with your AT, you could label it 1 AV and it’d be directly under 1 AT). And then you can get really crazy and combine the two :smiley: 1AT1, 1AT2, 1AT3, 1AV1, 1AV2, 2AT1, 2AV1, etc etc.

Just comes down to remembering to re-organize yourself if needed.


You could always name your squads based on where they are at and whenever you move to a different region you change their name. its a lot of changing bit you could definitely keep track easy.

EX: IAV NE and IAI SE for troops in the east north and south.


If you name your squads good this is not an issue. A 3-3-3 system works here. TAVR for instance is Tank Anti Vech Range. Once you make multiple of one type, for instance once you have 3 TAVR squads, then start labeling afterwords.

When I am playing very serious this is how I keep track of what I have made. On top of that if you keep adding each new squad instead of re-naming you will always know how much you lost.


That is missing TAVR 3. This way you know that you HAD a TAVR 3, but it died. Same with armor TAIA, Or my way is to remove the AI since it doesnt matter what weapon type armor is, so TA.

TA 01
TA 02
TA 03

Doing that runs into the issue of you know how much gold u have wasted on armors tho. Eventually it becomes depressing when you get to TA 471 and you are like, DANG I lost 4000 armor tanks so far :X