-=- Sprite Contest #6 -=- Vote for the winner!


No dinner for 1 week.




You better not be eating.




When is the Voting going to happen


lol pls start the votation


That’s too bad but it looks like I’m not participating.
I see people want the conetst to start and I can’t make a sprite.
Lack of time and I have no inspirations (at least today).


I sometimes look on google and get ideas, (I do not copy straight from the internet)


Meh,I just make whatever,whenever I feel like it xD
Either a remake,a combination or something brand new.


I will enter with a different remix. my original has been taken down.

either i call it Hot Shot or Long Shot


how about
Desert Shot


it seems like a robotic “wooden leg” LOL. Cool




Can we vote now please


its a sniper. (20 chars)


what shall we do?

  • We vote now
  • Keep waiting

0 voters


Let Killin decide. Do not decide for him, for it is his post. Not yours, same goes for Bren. Be patient and wait for his word.


i know. im just wanting to tell him that were ready


@KilliN will tell you when. Hopefully soon, I’ve only now realized how long it’s been. Give him some patience and see when he’s on.


yeah (20 characters)