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Senior Misfit says gracias.


post it next competition and i will vote for it.
that is beautiful.



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vote me if you want to punch a furry





tough comp this time

oh no

i wasted a sprite


if youre fighting a tough comp you might as well give your best shot

unless you want them to use their best first, then in the end you show your true self like in every cliche anime ever lol


i told you why i havent been making sprites


If people don’t like the stuff you make,it’s not their fault.
Not to say that your style of drawing,in 99% of the cases,doesn’t have anything to do with SM.

So quit whining and face it already.



Name Torsos is Bat Not Raptron



raptor, bat, same thing.
plus, raptors look cooler than bats.
so you are basicly saying “downgrade it!”


sorry lol, your entry was in the exactly same spot as the previous one so I just copied and replaced the image, can’t fix anymore, polls are evil

also pool closed


I told u you can use old ones


maybe next time.

new entry:

its a top weapon called “del taco grande supreme”



of course i only get one vote lol.


me too :pensive:

the important thing is, when you fail to acheive recognition as an artist, don’t do a hitler and go into politics on the back of ultra-nationalist rhetoric leading to unspeakable atrocities. just pick yourself up and try again, instead. maybe draw a nice picture of a smiley cxat next to some happy trees and pin it to the fridge door.


Make cat paw melee weapon