-=- Sprite Contest #6 -=- Vote for the winner!


Awesome! I am making sprite right now :slight_smile:


Rule 1 ehehehehehe
FiRsT iMaGe OnLy CoUnTs


calm down cyanine dont crush us like that!


with all these chicken style meme entries, I think I may fall to the bottom of the pit if rianma123 doesn’t stop giving legit votes





but the first image was a joke

please spare me :frowning:


I say we disqualify cya9

  • yes
  • si
  • hai
  • no

0 voters


why you gotta kill me like that


cause david said to



corection: david style meme entries.




did whimzical just bamboozle me?


Nah fam my drawings are 25x cooler


ye man.


25 x 0 is still 0


when is the voting btw? I wanna see how I do. put all of like 10 minutes work into the supinator 5000.


we need atleast 10 pics first.


its a shame theres a rule against alts entering the comp, or snior Misfit could really move this shit along with his image of a grim reaper torso wearing a sunbrero and playing the miracas.





Best Sprite ever …

  • would give Misfit 20000 points right away and the clear lead in that ranking :exclamation: