-=- Sprite Contest #6 -=- Vote for the winner!


can i come back… ? didn’t know this :I


My next sprite will be good


well yes, but actually no.


First you get angry because you were on a leaderboard, then you get angry because something has more votes than other thing, whats your problem dude


No problem, my temper has been decreased


Time to color that black boiye.


Nah fam you can’t just throw a shitfit with the creator and participants of this thread then expect for us to let you back


I call it the depression depriver


do we need 8 “sprites” to start the contest?
because i got some.


image image
image image
image image
image image


new participant entering the next comp.

its a side weapon called “the supinator 5000”


This time, I will NOT miss the voting!

Pls don’t make me miss on purpose.


i see things getting too intense now


@cyanine @XDiego @MCG_567_YT winz fina take over, stop sleeping on this

can we make it up to 10 participants?




vote for me
vote for me
vote for me
em rot etov
vote for me

please i need this


Les go mate.


Here is my entry, as you can see it’s beautifully colored with Blue, Red and Green.
(obviously a joke pls use the one below, spare me good sir)

Real Entry is inside here

Leviathan of the Deep


With what you make all this?



Inkscape was a regular art tool, and with the expectation of bad from it becuase it always messes up when you use the Paint bucket.


I’ll try get an Entry in…