-=- Sprite Contest #6 -=- Vote for the winner!


That’s really very similar to the previous one, boy



ms paint time.




I’m just gonna farm votes, here’s my entry


No, this is nonsense
What kind of opinion is this ?


its a meme.
did you expect something serious?


What’s so hard on understanding that people was joking?


Ofcouse i expect something serious, you think sprites are made of jokes?
they are being made seriously, and need serious votes


Nah I’m making SM sprites for 4 years and I disagree, goodbye


god damn.
you really are a fun hater.

your drawing wanst liked because partly people didnt like it, partly because its barely sm related and partly because you are a drama starter.


i really like the poultry’s creation


the liquid chicken is a true artist.


mainly* and mainly*

Keep in mind bro: You don’t need to agree that it’s drama, for it to be drama


Welcome to the internet


if i see drama, i agree that it is drama but i’ll keep that in mind.


my bad, that was for rianma


Firstly, i don’t know what is drama.
Secondly, i won’t make or do anything on this thread.


So leave the topic lol


when we say “drama” we mean:
some wishiwashi c u n t starts an argument.
its just as entertaining for the outsiders as a play.


im going to jump !?!?