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So leave the forum and go to imgur Lol

This is a SuperMechs community, not a drawing one.


Are you still Flashing these?..remaking?.or is it just a contest for fun now?..


Just the contest. Flashing items takes too much time.

I still owe @WinzKay a remix though, which I will definitely find some time to make it.


I don’t even remember what it was for


Well, we have 8 participants, shall we start?

  • yes
  • no stop rushing

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That satellite-looking thing



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If you believe that the earth is round, vote for me


The earth is a imperfect round


If you belive that earth is a dinosaur vote me


I Could add a image here, but…

Im too lazy to make a fanart.


since you removed yourself from the message so i put this here to let you see.
First this is not a drama.
the pictures up there explain why did i become crazy and salty, and not begging for anything.
Second i was trying to be nice and not going to talk about this on this contest, so i made this message. But you removed me, and you didn’t tell me so i didn’t know.
If you told me that you removed me from the list, this message would not appear
Third, did i say anything bad to you? you chat like that since this is a drama, but it isn’t. You just have to say that you removed me from the list, instead of word attacking like that.


You fool, it is an oblate spheroid


you’res sucks huehuehuehuehehuehueerfghbregbuighfh


Isn’t that What I Said?

Aha…a Believer…


wanted to vote for engie too but its 2 votes not 3.


no earth is flat and is being caried by turtles.


Cant you just check if you are off the list or not?


Maybe people didn’t vote/like yours simply because they don’t like it. Everyone has their own opinion (although that is not exactly a good thing).


wow how dare you say people didn’t like his drawing, he’s the awesome artist outa here dude!

By the way, 21 voters, I think it’s enought to get the results, poll closed!