-=- Sprite Contest #6 -=- Vote for the winner!


This is secret weapon


@KilliN the name from my drone is " Voidnation "


Inb4 a torso gets used as a drone, an arm used as a torso, and a side weapon used as legs


use any old one just to make things interesting


the sword i post was from 2017 is it ok?


Its would probably push mechs




honestly i dont like how you make me to be the last one on the list even i have the same score with others
or you can just kick me out of the list.


You’re the last because you was the last player to get that score, not because I put you there lol, cut out the drama here.


ok just kick me out of that list


dont tell me that im not allowed to leave the contest


why do you even want to leave?

If you get a placing, you can even eventually take Cyanine’s spot


no i changed the community
imgur is better


I believe in this very sentence. No doubt.


this is why

1 like for a remake plane in tacticsoft

1 point = 1 like so 12 likes in imgur
and this

there must be something wrong with tacticsoft community


This looks like this


imgur (more than 1 mil+ users) > TS Forum (about 100)



that’s why imgur is better


This is my entry
im lazy to finish it


I will win this