-=- Sprite Contest #6 -=- Vote for the winner!


no dude stop trying to cheat it out



what is cheating with that

what would be cheating with what i am doing


Aye, vote vote vote.

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Those look nice


flame scope imposter

master chief + bionicles autistic ver.

possum head

drone 2019

wtf, a $2,000,000 satellite dish made by apple and sold overpriced even though it does the same thing


Master Chief as a bionicle would look good, the autistic part is bad tho :eyes:


I might participate in #7


I thought Eneginner changed their sprite?


Yes I thought so too

Why their tho, I’m not that fat to be counted as multiple people :thinking:

Krillin, is this how you want to waste my circa 4h of work? Change that immediately :triumph:


rule 1


He posted 2, chose the second one…like I did on the very first contest…


why are you so concerned chad, ill just put his sprite in the next contest


ok then…


I love that weapon and want it. Too bad that it is too similar to the heat scope…


drone? more like op side weapon. similar to one use scopes so could have similar capabilities


When this one finishes, I have a secret Torso in my weaponry.

It’s going to enforce dominance.



Maybe you could talk to the devs in order to get this torso in the game?
(Please click the reply arrow to see it)


What? You want N-HEL-V in-game?

If you do, maybe as a Boss.

It'll look something like this





I think it’d look better with a bigger cockpit and smaller fuel tank/cooler pack.


Maybe it can be a titan torso