-=- Sprite Contest #6 -=- Vote for the winner!


All depends on your drawing / editing skills


I’ll be joining this once.

Made this boy Rn on GIMP, took around 1 and half hours



my first sprite was on my tab, but I forgot the name of the app


Took 1 week to finish but the result was pretty good for a first try and being 100% original

May I join that sprite here @Rikka?


Is it sketchbook or something like that?


@KilliN this contest is about from remake, or is for the better sprite?, not is like before ?


killin your are crazy? lol


Forget my previous entry :)))



really beautiful


That Looks Gorgeous…though it looks awfully similar to KilliN’s sprite…

Guess what

I started remixing my old remix and he got the idea from me


Oh…Nice one then, that’s my new Favourite Sprite…


Yeah, go ahead! I’ll try reflashing it if i ever get time to, but for now, this is acceptible


Inb4 it gets used as a drone


Isn’t that what happened with Maxy’s sprite?


The best sprite wins


I flashed your sprite tho


Oh, then yeet on that flashed version


Hell Blood [show It]



@KilliN if I win please flash that NHELV again but this time, make it gray not black like what I did :V