-=- Sprite Contest #6 -=- Vote for the winner!


Nah old acc is dead, send in to me by PM or sum shet (at discord)

Or add me back???


I have no sprites yet to give, but I’m still making SubZero (pls give a name, subzero is ultimately generic)


aye. time to get my freak on haha. lets do this


i thought you was going with Sphinx


What no

That sprite is already known well enough here, so might as well start with something fresh.

If I became lazy to draw something, put Sphinx there. Just reserve a space at the moment.


Rule 1.1



When cyanine joins to a contest without reading rules.
Or is it my fault for asking him XDDD


I present this masterpiece


i am sending 1 image, but making new one

if only i get lazy from even finishing it, put sphinx there instead of the unfinished boiye :eyes:


Hot bucket


@KilliN my sprite is :


The more “energy” brother of Sphinx, and a cool remix of Ultraspade.


So let’s get started

  • rianma123
  • David_Jojua
  • OHMssssGamer
  • WinzKay WinzKay%20-%20Poke%20Arm
  • cyanine cyanine%20-%20Aleph-0

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I won’t vote on that poll, I’d like to keep it balanced.


does it mean everyone have the same scores ? xd
let that meme hand be the winner


I don’t know, haven’t seen the stuff yet.

That WinzKay’s arm is nice.


You can vote in two sprites so it’s fine


Nah, I’ll just wait for the results in the next 3 days.

Unless you could just send a screenshot of the results now. :V


my shite ms paint drawing actually got in.

why cant i see the poll results or vote


Yeah…why wouldn’t it?


Poll closed!


#1 @cyanine got his first gold medal, what a glamurous first try huh, welcome to the ranking.

#2 Sitting just a few spots below our winner, @OHMssssGamer bust out a silver, welcome to the ranking.

#3 The champ returns, now spoting the top 4 of all the ranking, it’s @WinzKay.