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okay very interesting.
well i better start drawing again.


should i just put my whole collection into here? or just one ?
k just one


oooh yay…brb…gotta get a drawing done…


Alright, gonna draw my “SubZero” for this one.

Although I’m not exactly sure if I want it to be SubZero, anybody has any ideas?


Put your spiky torso here


Spiky torso?The Rat you meant?


he’s spiky


Ahh no, if not much people liked it (at 10-11 likes), I wouldn’t put it here

As well as Sphinx, because almost everyone knows it by now lol

Also it already has a Flash version by @KilliN, but he didn’t send me the blue version yet…

@KilliN please send me the blue version that you used back then lol




Original :

Flash by Killin :


Btw do you remember that I made Sphinx for you?


yes u said it is based around my torsos xd
bet memories


MuHaHAAAha i GANNa Put My oLd REmADE toRsO here


better than the monday lisa by leinardo da vinchi


Glow Cannon


I call it Cheese, Cheezer and Gorgonzolla


I Remade old Weapon :grinning:


I sent it to you in discord when we still used sprite retread cough


Gorgonzola is actually the name from a Legacy weapon :joy_cat:

And maybe even Cheese, but not as sure


Yes, chesse too, was one of gorgonzola’s tiers


Bu the way, changing the topic name was a thing, for telling the current state of the contest, but I can’t change topic title anymore.

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