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I am fairly new at it boi :confused:
I only made this one yesterday,
I wuz bored so :confused:


The people in my group makes these animations, can you keep up with em’? :smiley:

(Artwork from Fleja)




lol u s u c cjk

We don't need this kind of worthless comments here.


Can you give me the flash file of this?


I can’t edit the topic anymore, must be because been kinda innactive, i’ve contacted mods already to fix it.

Actual participants list:

  • cyanine
  • Kn0Tn0YT
  • MCG_567_YT
  • izzudin777
  • Brennankawamura
  • YGGM
  • 0ld_Supermechs_User
  • Mark_47
  • Enkuto_craft

Seems the weapons you posted were already posted in the forum before.

Rule 1.4 - You need to make a totally new image for each contest.

Guess Who’s Back


Winners of contest #5!

Gold | @WinzKay
Silver | @RIDVAN22
Bronze | @XDiego

Special thanks to:


Vote for the best 3!


The heat one was and is a new weapon that I’ve never posted to the forums before that’s the one that I entered in the contest with.


Here you go


When will this contest end?

Because I have two new handdrawns.


When i’m able to edit the topic


if this somehow makes it into the game,it should be called demon


lol i wish.


oh. this topic died? i shall try to revive! for i have returned! and i am now able to produce more sprites!


I lost the permission to edit this topic, due to Discourse shits.

And also, KilliN is not a thing in SM anymore. I even stopped the SuperMechs Sandbox Development.


what??? whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy


that just made me upset…


Because i don’t play a game i don’t like.


ay. best score tho. sick. :smiley:


Contest is back, boys.

  • Score is not a thing anymore, medals only.
  • You can now use your old sprites, unlike previously, as you had to make a brand new item to participate.
  • I will not remake the winner’s item anymore (too time consumpting for me).

Read dem rules.

Rules (03/04/2019)

Rule 1 - Plainness

1.1 - You may only send 1 image per contest.
1.2 - Images from alternative accounts will be ignored.

Rule 2 - Elegibility

2.1 - You may only use your own work, getting images from Google or stealing from other users may get you permanently disqualified.
2.2 - You can not re-use items from older contests.
2.3 - You can use remasterized or remixed versions of previously used items.

General forum rules applied.