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can we take a weapon and remix it or does it have to be totaly new


Sprites are either mashups (remakes/combinations of already existing weapons/parts) or completelly new concept arts.
So yeah,you can do whichever option.
But you can only post 1 work for the competition.


but then @SeanChoi1870 posted 2




i got him did you see the one i i replaced it with i fixed it up


Yes, i did.


Is…that a figdet spiner?
Lol dead item.


You can only have 1.


That’s what he said.


Oh ok.


Blazing Fire

57 PM
There’s mine. Lets see how it does.
(This drawing has been copyrighted. It is mine and I created it. No one copy it. ©)


He’s saying that the SM fan dude copied his design.


it’s a multi element use weapon top weapon all elements knock back 2 well I am done not fancy like other people’s because I don’t have and sprite makeing app @KilliN I replaced it

states knock back 2 phy and heat and energy






thats true stealing is a bad thing and people should get punished for it


he still need to pick one the 2 are still there


are you talking about me?


yes i am bruh he said only one only one per person