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Here is mine

It’s a drone that’s goes on the ground


Karma (Colored)

22 AM


cmon now XD. i gotta try


Seemed better without colors, that’s basically why i never paint my hand drawns


Welcome broo


Its not paint xd
Its color pencil.
I made the mistake of using it dull pointed ones though…
Otherwise it would look much clearer.


I know it’s pencil, you know what i meant.


For me, it looks worse, since the outlines makes it have a solid look, now it looks like it’s disintegrating from Thanos’ snap.
But still cool.


i likes. i likes very much


Well I think I am going to put up the one that is not colored.
The colored one is just a bonus.
One that is not colored is the one I am putting in the next contest :slight_smile:


Off-topic: where did you find your old profile picture, the animated yellow and red eyed something ?



I made the animation.

New Piskel
I have a new one made right now


oh ok ^^

I like it, that’s why I asked ^^


oh, ok.


Bio-acid sprayer “Raining Calamity”

My scanner made my drawing looks a little brighter than on paper…


This weapon of mass destruction used during the Future War (now prohibited from being used against any form of living creature) features 2 canisters of mixture made of highly lethal virus, 2 canisters of extremly corrosive acid, a built-in grenade launcher, a detachable thermal scope, and a laser sight.

Uncolored version, not the contest ^^


No offence but it kinda looks like a toaster and a paper clip


No offence taken, it’s pretty much…well…the 1st robotic/futuristic weapon I ever drawn XD


No offense , but it looks like a toaster and paper clips at the back yeah.


No offence but please stop saying ‘‘no offense’’

This is kinda look’s like the same replay lmao.


The drones I made in a Three day Period