-=- Sprite Contest #6 -=- Vote for the winner!


If you are giving an idea you think will not be added, just don’t give the damn idea, ok?


Vote for the best 3!

Side notes:
I took a care of removing backgrounds to make the sprites more clear and added a small shadow.
Tryed making the Hand Drawings clearer, that’s something i’m doing since the start here.
Large images needs to be redimentioned, it reduces the quality of the sprite, so i reccomend ya making it around 400x400 pixels.


You can clearly see on who used MS paint for theirs XD


Dat @Ricemech88’s power.


Yes I got 3 votes yay


I call it fusion it’s an energy weapon.
Mystic fusion


Haven’t you already posted that in the Sandbox?


Yes :exclamation: but now I’m entering it into a contest to see if @WinzKay can use his skills to make it better.


You have to make a new sprite for the competition


Why not Killin or Maxy


Me? This is KilliN’s contest



                                   heat wave

heat fl


Sorry your profile looks like KilliN’s


I should make it look different


How is mine 3rd?

I swear it was last an hour ago


make your profile the blank back backround again


I am not among the low people yay


Is Hand
Drawn qualified?


KilliN prefers hand drawn actually


(in my mind) Y E A H B O I
(Irl) Cool.