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Super War Mechs The name remains very well


Nice, welcome! dszfadsfcvbcmb



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  • Ricemech88
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The fact you made a pole about voting sprites right now.
But you have people vote if they should start voting.




Happy now?


Hey @KilliN, you forgot me!!!

I know I am not allowed to win but I wanna try at least for fun


i sent my entry!
Flux Rifle


Yes you are!

I saw it… like thrice, i think i just forgot adding your names, but i would arre both to the pool because i always check the thread before making the voting post.

My mistake! Sorry. :)


It’s fine, you are allowed to make mistakes


makin sure u know. ur fine bro


export (7)
you happy now?


No, I personally think that you should be forever baned from the sprite contest because of your copying, insults, and that last sprite isnt even a sprite.


I agree with @Yeet. You have plagiarised so many times already that you should not be able to participate

Although in the end, it’s up to KilliN


Mind you. His last “sprite” was a drawing.
I made a drawing.
But it was still included in the SPRITE CONTEST.


He meant the one before it where he plagarised.


Also @KilliN would it be extra points if it wuz animated :stuck_out_tongue: (Probably not xd)


I’d say no.

First of all,because everyone should have equal rights and chances to the drawings,and some might not have a program/access to such stuff.

Second of all,because some hand-drawn might actually be better,take more and be far more appealing and complex than an animated bit.Thus,the animated piece would be actually worse but would still get extra score by default,just because it’s animated.


Of course, not.

L4K3 said everything.


I did mention probably not xD

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